All Recognized with the Internationalization Award by the President of Finland

Siiri Hakulinen Dec 03 2019 7 AM | 3 min read

We are humbled and excited to announce that has been awarded with the Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic of Finland. The recognition is granted each year to Finnish companies that have gained international success, and to the communities behind them. received the award as the newcomer company of the year. The two other companies to receive the award this year are mechanical wood processing company Keitele Group and regional development company Cursor Oy.

A delegation of Smartlies including our founders Kristo Ovaska and Tuomo Riekki accepted the award at a ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki. “We have grown with our customers, listening to their hopes and developing technology that enables fast digitalization of business”, Kristo commented the recognition. “The biggest bottleneck for our growth is hiring experienced developers to Helsinki, where our product development takes place. On the other hand, our growth is supported by our strong company culture, as well as the fact that we are only in the beginning with automating marketing of many advertisers.”

Two Success Factors: Our People and Our Customers

In his acceptance speech, as well as in his speech to all Smartlies in our all-hands Friday Demos after the ceremony, Kristo highlighted two elements that have been crucial for our progress: how we build our team and how we work with our customers.

Right from the start, we have developed our platform in close cooperation with our customers. We don't pretend to know what our customers need—we ask them and we’re humble and attentive to listen to their feedback. Multiple times a year, we invite some of our most advanced customers to visit us in Helsinki and workshop with our engineers to validate new ideas with them and pinpoint what solutions we should build to make their work easier and help them succeed.

In a market that changes as fast as ours, we need to keep innovating and re-inventing ourselves at speed. This is where our team, all Smartlies, have a fundamental role in securing our success. We hold a high bar in recruiting, even if it means slow hiring, because we want to find the best people for each team. We also encourage Smartlies to find the sweet spot between their competitive advantage, true motivation, and impact on, because that is where we believe they can maximize their learning and impact, which in turn makes the whole company successful. The future of our company depends on our ability to hire and grow exceptional talent.

Celebrating with Smartlies Across the World

This award is a recognition to all Smartlies across the globe for their amazing work. Special thanks go to those Smartlies who work or have worked outside our Helsinki office, continuously driving the business and serving our customers around the world, powering our fast internationalization.

Since day one, our aim was to be a truly international company. Being international has been the normal state of mind for us for a long time already: we are located in 16 cities from Singapore to San Francisco, 99% of our revenue comes from outside Finland, and our team of Smartlies represent around 40 different nationalities. As we keep on growing internationally, we focus on hiring top talent and building a diverse team. Diversity of thought and background enriches our culture and contributes to’s sustainable growth across the globe.

Want to be part of our international growth? Browse career opportunities in our offices around the world.

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Siiri Hakulinen
Employer Branding & Talent Marketing

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