Snap to it: Introducing Our Latest Partner

Tuomo Riekki May 12 2020 2 PM | 2 min read

One of the biggest innovations in the last decade of social media was the introduction of stories and the world of social turned upside down when the stories format launched in 2013 - now fast forward seven years, and it has grown to a popular method of content consumption on social. 

Today, advertisers, in particular, are turning to Snapchat as a way to diversify their social presence across channels and connect with younger audiences in creative ways.

Snap Is Surging

Snapchat is in the midst of massive growth over the last 12 months, both in terms of daily active users and advertising revenue. With an unrivaled pool of primarily Gen Z and Millennial users, the platform is poised to continue attracting the attention of major brands who see the engaged and loyal following and want in on the action. 

Brands have understood the value of maintaining a presence on Snapchat since its inception, but recently the platform has taken steps to offer advertisers even more bang for their buck on its platform. Dynamic Ads opens up the possibilities for advertisers to flexibly scale campaigns and drive business performance outcomes on Snapchat. Helps Brands Win on Snapchat

That’s why we’re excited to unveil our new partnership with Snap Inc. as part of our mission to provide brands with a multi-channel platform for scaling their advertising efforts across social channels. This partnership means brands will be able to leverage tools and services to optimize, measure and scale on Snapchat. 

At, we always strive to solve the challenges our customers face - thus, we'll be working closely with some of our most advanced customers to build our product that will unlock new opportunities and help brands to scale their efforts on Snapchat. Our goal is to provide advertisers with the tools and automated workflows, including creative automation, hyper-localization, campaign optimization, and robust reporting, that enable scale, optimization and testing to drive better performance on Snapchat.

Start Snapping Quickly with Managed Service and Creative Studio

Establishing a presence, finding the right channel mix  or scaling on Snapchat can be challenging. Our Managed service can do the heavy lifting for you and set you up for success – it’s an effective way to get access to specific best practices as you try to test and ramp up your campaign efforts across social channels. 

For advertisers with a specific interest in standing out and scaling their creative production for Snapchat,’s recently-announced Creative Studio is the best team of people for the job. Our team partners directly with brands to produce original mobile-first creatives, transform existing assets into short-form content built for social, and conducts robust testing to find winning creatives, and their optimal channel mix.

If you're looking to kick start or scale your advertising on Snapchat, contact your Customer Success Manager or contact us to learn more.

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