The Holy Month of Ramadan - What Brands Need to Know in 2021

Khaled Halwani Mar 25 2021 1 PM | 6 min read

Ramadan is one of the biggest opportunities for advertisers in the Middle East and Asia Pacific to get their creatives to drive conversions. 

The earlier brands start with the Ramadan narrative integrated in their campaign creatives, the higher the chances are to acquire new audiences and engage existing ones across the funnel. 

We will highlight some top insights to consider for your creative concepts that help you gain leverage in the highly competitive landscape during the holy month.


Start with Deals Early On 

The pandemic has made shoppers more price-sensitive and they are on the look for deals and inspiration. Getting people to think about a deal with a “teaser” creates a sense of anticipation for the consumer. Information that consumers encounter early on tends to have more of an effect than later on. In addition, consumers are much more likely to do prior research on your product if they know a deal is coming up.

 A Facebook study suggests that the teasing period should start at least 2 weeks before the sale event. Thus, start your teasing at least two weeks before Ramadan starts, and start teasing your Eid deals in the last week of Ramadan.

This price sensitivity applies to essentials like food and beverages, as well as to clothing and gift items, making mega sales all the more important during the Ramadan period.

Tip: Treat Eid like a mega sales period and use all your best practices to maximize your revenue in this period.




People Are Most Active In the Night-Time During Ramadan

People become increasingly more active during night-time, usually peaking around 3AM or during Sahoor. Use Triggers to run and pause at certain times during the day to save you time.

Tip: You can also set triggers to gradually increase or decrease your budgets, or notify you if the campaign performance metrics goes over or below a certain threshold.

Leverage Creative Highlighting Urgency and Scarcity

The perceived fear of missing out on something is particularly motivating because of loss aversion: we find losses roughly twice as painful as gains are pleasurable.

Explore ways to showcase limited time offers, sales, and more lower funner techniques to Broad Audiences to see if it generates the urgency that your brand needs to convert. Keep in mind that for video ads, it’s recommended to communicate the ‘urgency-angle’ within the first 2 seconds.

Tip: Add urgency to your messaging to create “FOMO” for the users. Countdowns are a great tactic to tackle scarcity.

Consolidate Ad Sets As Much As Possible and Ramp Up Your Budget in the First Two Weeks.

The last two weeks of Ramadan and Eid become increasingly competitive, meaning it’s important for you to consolidate your ad sets for optimal delivery/learning, and ramp up budget before the peak so that you get better costs. If you aren’t achieving 50 conversions per adset per week, you should look to consolidate your campaign structure further.

Tip: Use's Bid Multipliers to control your bid for different audience segments without splitting them into different ad sets.

Focus on the Content Creators 

Content creators and influencers offer a new source of credibility. Amongst the Ramadan observing and shopping community surveyed, nearly half said they trust creators for impartial advice and inspiration.

Tip: Use product focused video forms together with influencer videos to increase lower funnel activity even within prospecting audiences.

Serve Your High Quality Branded Content the Soonest 

Start with upper funnel creative where your brand is prominent. Your branded content can be running brand awareness and sales at the same time.

Tip: Align with your branding team to check if any branding content is planned for the holy month. Use that content to repurpose it for mobile first aspect ratios. Another approach could be recycling content that was produced last year and adding creative iterations for a refresh in narrative.

Communicate with Social Conscience in Mind

As people personally contribute to their communities, they increasingly expect the same of businesses. That’s why during Ramadan brands race to contribute in various ways to give back to the community and support a cause. What’s fascinating about this month is the generous display and practice of humane values such as compassion and charity.

Customers want brands to express their values, speak authentically and stand up for causes they care about.

Tip: Show the humane side of your brand in your creatives. Short-form video ads are the best way to do this. You can also think about the shareability of your video since these types of videos also tend to be shared in various groups.

Focus on the Core Values of Togetherness, Family and Loved Ones 

Longing for connection has always been a part of human nature. With the Covid-19 pandemic restricting social interactions, this became even more apparent. Therefore focusing on core values like family connections will continue to be one of the main themes for this year’s Ramadan. 

Tip: Images and videos of showing Iftar and Suhoor tables with family and friends gathering through video chat calls is expected this year.

Keep a Positive and Delightful Narrative 

Play on fun and comedy. Delight your audience with snackable content that is positive to portray an emotion. 33% of Snapchatters are using Lenses/Filters more during Ramadan than any other months of the year, making it the perfect time to use Lenses or Augmented Reality showcase your brand in an uplifting, playful way.

Tip: Communications are more effective if we use an emotional hook rather than a purely rational message.

Highlight Convenience as a Message Above All Else 

During this time people are traveling less and trying to remain at home as much as possible. As a result, convenience of shopping is on the rise. It is the number one factor across most retail categories. And unsurprisingly, home delivery, duration, and availability were also key.

Tip: Include price, availability, and speed of delivery into your creatives as these are some of the top reasons to buy from a brand.

Show Food Prep Process at Relevant Times 

People are constantly looking for inspiration - especially during Ramadan people will be looking for ideas and inspiration for their iftar and suhoor.

Tip: You could also use influencers preparing meals and showing new food prep ideas to introduce your brand to prospecting users.

Add Overlays on Top of Your Creatives 

As 85% of Facebook Ads are viewed sound off, it is important to communicate with text to supplement the audio in your creative. Ensure that the text in the overlay is readable on mobile - opt for larger font size and good contrast. 

Tip: In you can easily add on-brand overlays and text to your existing video assets, and generate multiple versions instantly for different audiences using Modular Video Templates.

Ramadan Kareem!

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