The Innovation Continues: Instagram Ads With Image Editor

Kalle Tiihonen Aug 17 2015 6 AM | 2 min read

Today, we proudly present Instagram ads integrated with our unique Image Editor that enables you to produce engaging creatives that are easily inline with Instagram guidelines. The Dynamic Image Templates launched six months ago was just the beginning towards our vision of the future — a fully automated and optimized ad creation experience. Now, Instagram ads with our Image Editor carries us to the next level.

With Image Editor you can create beautiful image collages using custom filters and with just a few clicks. The tool allows you to easily tweak aspects like the collage layout, marginal size, background color and add a stunning filter. With a community of over 300 million, Instagram is one of the world's largest mobile ad platforms. Instagram ads give you the ability to reach an engaged audience, deliver focused - highly visual messages, and publish content in a creative and high-quality environment.

Today Instagram Ads are available in eight countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and the United States. If you are targeting any of these countries, confirm from us whether Instagram ads capability is enabled on your ad account and you can begin advertising today. More countries are available soon, so stay in touch with us to be among the first in your market to discover Instagram!

As of today you can create Instagram campaigns and use the same targeting practices as with Facebook ads — to find and engage with your audiences also on Instagram. For the first time, sponsored posts will have a call to action button with a link redirecting to an external website. This is a revolution in Instagram that provides big opportunities for all advertisers searching for the best ROI in this highly engaged community.

It will also be possible to create Video Ads and Mobile App Install Ads on Instagram. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear about the upcoming ad formats and features.

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Kalle Tiihonen

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