The Guide to Cross-Border Advertising

Trett Johnson Jun 15 2018 2 PM | 3 min read

Are you looking to expand your product or service offering to new markets without hiring large new teams or opening new offices? Facebook advertising can help you scale to new markets with just your current marketing resources. In this post, we’ll detail the basics of cross-border advertising and how our platform helps advertisers run campaigns across multiple countries and languages easily from one interface.

“’s automation enabled us to just ‘switch-on’ USA, without growing the team. They’re essential for lean in-house teams looking for maximum efficiency.”  Andrew Shakespeare, Business Intelligence Manager, Finery

Saving Time With Campaign Management

If you’re an international (or soon-to-be international) advertiser, chances are that you have multiple separate ad accounts for the regions and countries you’d like to advertise in. This is where’s cross-account functionalities come in handy as you can easily manage and switch between a large number of accounts and campaigns in one place.

You can copy campaign templates across your accounts to quickly launch new ones. Similarly, you can take action in bulk: copy optimization rules, naming conventions, and ads to use them across ad accounts. If you’re advertising in multilingual regions, you can turn on Language Optimization to ensure your ads show up in the user’s native tongue.

Find New, High-Value Audiences

Imagine expanding to a new market by finding customers similar to the ones that are already buying from you: our International Lookalikes solution does just that. It targets people in new countries who look like your existing customers in your established markets. What’s better, you can use your existing audience targeting settings as custom bundles and apply them anywhere.

View and Optimize Performance

You can list, sort and pivot your ads across ad accounts based on a range of dimensions, including campaign, ad set, ad, goal, targeting, and creative types and then take actions all in the same view.

We offer both out-of-the-box and customizable optimization solutions: Predictive Budget Allocation uses AI to distribute your spend wisely and can just be turned on. If you want to automate specific actions based on your KPIs, you can set them to run across accounts.

Our full testing suite allows you to mine insights on your global performance, you can create Split Tests and Lift Studies across ad accounts.

Analyze and Report

With scale comes complexity – especially in reporting. The platform allows you to combine ad accounts in a single report, schedule reports to be delivered via e-mail to your team, or automatically exported to your data warehouse. The use cases are many: you could see how audience Y or creative X is performing across ad accounts, use region level or worldwide targeting, and still get reports broken down by country.

You can also create advanced reports and pivot tables based on Facebook and 3rd party data: MMPs, Google Analytics, Adform, Adobe… or your own data! We also offer a Google Data Studio integration that helps you visualize your campaign performance. Read more about that here.

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