The Value of a Clear Brand DNA Across Your Full Sales Funnel

Ausrine Cebatore Jun 25, 2020 7:09:00 AM and Facebook, together with five Scandinavian fashion brands, set out to explore the benefits of having consistent branding across the full sales funnel. 


Brand-Safe Designs for Mobile-First Videos 

With’s design tools such as Image and Video Templates, teams can create templates (or use existing ones), apply brand-safe designs to every creative, and create thousands of branded mobile-first videos, resulting in consistent branding both online and offline.

You can hear more about the study in the video below:

Typical Challenges in the World of Retail

Retail marketing teams face multiple challenges in their day to day activities. 

Ad production can be slowed down when the brand and the performance marketing teams operate in silos, resulting in a disconnect in communication and sharing goals. If there is a significant difference between offline and online branding, having separate design efforts can also be time-consuming. Additional production resources might not be readily available. Throw in some ad-hoc marketing activities, and you are truly challenged resource-wise.

With multiple operations requiring design and marketing efforts, it can be tough to maintain consistent brand elements in all those activities. But as we will see, it can be worthwhile to invest in ensuring consistent branding.

Defining the Research Question

With the templating tools available to the fashion brands through’s platform, the research hypothesis was set:

Do Video and Image Templates with a clear and consistent brand identity drive better results than business as usual ads?

Designing the Test: Branded vs. Non-Branded Creatives

The test was designed as a two-cell Facebook ad study, measuring both brand lift and conversion lift. One cell was exposed to “business as usual” ad creatives throughout the whole funnel. The other cell was exposed to ad creatives with clear branding applied through the Image and Video Template tools. Both cells had a holdout group to measure against.

Five popular Scandinavian fashion brands participated in the experiment. The brands were Arket, & Other Stories, Lindex, KappAhl and Afound. The participation criteria was willingness to experiment on the brand side, and a clear brand identity that they could apply to their creatives.

Clear Brand Identity Drives Results

After concluding the experiment, the aggregate results across the five brands showed that having a clear visual brand identity improved results for both brand and conversion lift.

As a long term benefit, the ad study showed a 23 % reduction in cost per incremental person who considered the brands. As immediately visible gains, the results showed a 34 % increase in incremental return on ad spend. 

Key Takeaways for Your Brand

The experiment showed the importance of branding across the funnel. Every impression, regardless of funnel stage, is an opportunity to build your brand. Build brand recognition by adding branded elements to your ad creatives and that way reinforce your identity. 

Using’s Image and Video Template tools available is a powerful way of ensuring that your brand consistently appears in your advertising. As the tools enable the brand and marketing teams to work together to transform designs to live ad creatives, the time to quickly benefit from a similar experiment is easily achievable.


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Ausrine Cebatore

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