Anssi Rusi

How to Make the Most of Having All Your Company’s Brain Power in the Same Place at the Same Time?

By Anssi Rusi on February 2, 2018

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We kicked off 2018 with an international strategy offsite with the whole team. It was a week of bonding with colleagues, shaping our long term vision, and setting goals for the next six months in Sunny Gran Canaria. One of the highlights was a hackathon where Smartlies from different offices and teams joined forces to solve problems and build prototypes to improve our product and service to our customers.

Siiri Hakulinen

Can Self-Organization Work or Is It Just a Myth? Panel Discussion with CEO Kristo at Slush

By Siiri Hakulinen on December 20, 2017
On day 1 of Slush 2017, our co-founder and CEO Kristo joined a panel discussion on self-organizing teams with Niklas Jansen  co-founder of Blinkist, Vishal Vasishth co-founder of Obvious Ventures, and Marianne Vikkula CEO of Slush. They talked about the building blocks of efficient self-organization — and debated whether self-organizing teams need leadership or not.
Krista Kauppinen

Our Highlights from Slush Day 1

By Krista Kauppinen on December 1, 2017
Slush is an annual tech conference in Helsinki. Also dubbed the SXSW of Northern Europe, it can be described as the carnival of the Finnish startup scene. This year, culture and the direction of work were among the headlining themes at the conference. 

Photo credit Slush 2017

Kristo Ovaska

What Self-Organizing Teams Mean at

By Kristo Ovaska on November 28, 2017

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Staying ahead of the curve in our quickly evolving industry requires nonstop learning. We learn the fastest by making quick decisions on all levels of the company. is run by self-organizing teams, because we believe that there's no sense in building bottlenecks to decision making.

Christine Göös for the Win! Digiday Honors Our Innovative Culture

By Christine Göös on August 31, 2017

We’re excited to announce that has won the Most Innovative Culture Award in the tech platform category in the first annual Digiday WorkLife Awards. As an influential publication for our industry that we’ve been reading for years, we’re incredibly proud to be recognized as one of what Digiday considers “the media and marketing world’s best work environments” thanks to the values and cultural initiatives that make us unique.

Siiri Hakulinen

Extreme Transparency in Practice — Agnes & Peter’s 1st Strategy Day at

By Siiri Hakulinen on June 22, 2017

Transparency is a must for an organization that wants to operate with agility and avoid red-tape. Openness allows self-organizing teams to operate independently. Agnes and Peter, both recent hires at, share their take on how all Smartlies are involved in strategic decision-making at our biannual Futurio strategy day.

Amir Shub

Want to Future-Proof Your Career? Try Technical Account Management

By Amir Shub on June 15, 2017

The way to differentiate yourself in the future in the online marketing industry is to combine technical expertise with substantial customer experience. Technical Account Managers rock at both customer work and deep-level technical problem solving. At, we aim to have technical people in at least 50% of our customer-facing roles by hiring new talent as well as teaching our current employees to tackle tricky tech problems. 

Kristo Ovaska

Why Efficient UX is Crucial to Our Success

By Kristo Ovaska on May 29, 2017

At, we believe that our success as an online marketing power tool in a fast evolving industry depends a lot on how fast a new user (tech-savvy or not) can get comfortable with our product, and start getting great results. This is largely a UX challenge. First-class usability and workflow are significant competitive factors for us in the long term, and we're now focusing on them heavily. 
Kristo Ovaska

The Team Lead Philosophy

By Kristo Ovaska on May 15, 2017

At, we’re big believers in servant leadership, sharing power and helping others around us succeed. These values are central to our recently developed team lead system, which aims to scale leadership to match our quick growth. We’ve grown to 150 people in 6 offices globally in less than 4 years, and team leads have an important role in making sure our growth continues to be sustainable in the future.

Kristo Ovaska

How to Build a Culture to Maximize Product Development Speed

By Kristo Ovaska on March 6, 2017

In less than 3 years, we’ve grown to a globally recognized Facebook Marketing Partner, helping the largest online companies to acquire and retain customers online. We’re growing over 10% month-over-month extremely profitably, facilitating over 1B in annualized ad spend, and serving some of the largest online businesses globally, like eBay, Skyscanner and Lazada Group. One of the reasons why we’ve been able to grow this fast is the culture we’ve built to maximize product development speed.