Jens Sørensen

What, Exactly, Is Business Development?

By Jens Sørensen on August 5, 2015

Me and my colleagues in's Business Development team have the easiest and hardest job in the world. On the one hand, all we have to do is start conversations and know our stuff when they get rolling. In turn, convincing our counterparts at leading advertisers and media agencies around the world to start those conversations with us is far from straightforward, as it lies in our remit to provide the motivation for them to do so, not theirs.

Kristo Ovaska

Meet Otto – Serial Entrepreneur and Lean Software Genius

By Kristo Ovaska on July 2, 2015

I’m happy to announce that Otto "Mutru" Hilska is joining the growing team as VP of Engineering. I’ve known him since the first Aaltoes Silicon Valley trip, when Otto was still the founder and CEO of a SaaS startup called Flowdock.

Okko Hakola

Greetings From Our Support

By Okko Hakola on June 25, 2015

One of Smartly’s most valuable unique selling points is our quick and responsive support. As the company's customer base grows, we need to find ways to be able to maintain the high quality and fast response rates that our clients need - even improve them. Skype chats are no longer an option at our scale.

Kalle Tiihonen

Meet Markus – PhD, Mr. Data and Jazz Pianist

By Kalle Tiihonen on April 8, 2015

Our PhD, Chief Data Scientist Markus Ojala loves building team spirit, inspiring people and playing jazz piano. Before he worked as a Senior Data Scientist at Comptel and as a data mining researcher at Aalto University. In addition, Markus has experience from working at one of the cutting edge data analytics startups called Xtract which was acquired by Comptel in 2012.

Kalle Tiihonen

Meet Arto − Entrepreneur and Product Lead

By Kalle Tiihonen on February 4, 2015

I met Arto Tolonen for the first time when he was building his own startup called Audiodraft. He co-founded it and worked as a Chief Technology Officer for over four years. In addition, Arto has coached plenty of startups in Finland and worked at Reaktor as a Senior Consultant. He returned to the startup circles last month and now works as a Product Lead here at I decided to challenge him with some questions.

Kalle Tiihonen

Challenge Accepted: Build The Best SaaS Company

By Kalle Tiihonen on January 23, 2015

In 2012, Lauri Oikari won Hello World Open, the first Finnish Coding Championship. He joined as a Software Developer about a year later. Lauri has experience in algorithm design and native mobile app development. Now, he expands his knowledge by building a scalable SaaS product with the latest web technologies.

Kalle Tiihonen

Say Hi to Our Surfing Account Manager

By Kalle Tiihonen on January 16, 2015

Johanna Kalli joined in January 2015 and now manages the Spanish market and develops our customer support.