Krista Kauppinen

New Collection Ad Format Combines Product Discovery and Sales

By Krista Kauppinen on March 27, 2017

Collection - Facebook’s new mobile-only ad format - combines a prominent video or image with four related product images in the News Feed, which quickly and seamlessly opens into a full-screen shopping experience with up to 50 products. Creating a collection is easy — just upload video or imagery, and products are automatically pulled from a product catalog.  

Markus Ojala

How Facebook Bidding Works and How to Get Conversions

By Markus Ojala on January 30, 2017

Understanding how the Facebook ad auction works helps performance marketers to drive more conversions. Highlighting some of the best parts of Facebook's Advertiser Help Center, we put together this short guide to bidding best practices.

Miikka Holkeri

Step up your Dynamic Ads for Travel Game with Cross-selling and Destinations

By Miikka Holkeri on November 3, 2016

Facebook launched Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) — its dynamic retargeting solution for the travel industry — in May 2016. Advertisers transitioning from their old Dynamic Ads for Products campaigns to the new travel-specific version have seen improvements in campaign performance following the move.

DAT initially only supported advertising hotels based on user interactions on the advertiser’s website, but it was a lesser-known fact that it could be also used to intelligently cross-sell hotels to people who have interacted with flights. Now, Facebook has released destination catalog, which adds the possibility to advertise destinations and flights with DAT. This post delves into these opportunities.

Matti Junila

Festive Season Insights for South East Asia

By Matti Junila on October 14, 2016

The biggest sales season of the year has already kicked off - the festive season! In South East Asia the season starts quite early and consists of many big sales days, like Singles Day on November 11th, Double Twelve on December 12th and of course Christmas, December 25th. Here are our tips to make it a successful one.

Jose Kantola

Advanced matching in Facebook Pixel - what and why?

By Jose Kantola on September 5, 2016

Facebook launched an advanced matching feature in their conversion pixel (known as the Facebook Pixel) that enables you to send your customer data through the pixel to match more website actions with Facebook users. Why should you, as an advertiser, get excited and implement it right away? I’ll explain this in more detail below, but in a nutshell, it improves your ability to track conversions and can increase advertising reach by 5-25%!

Jose Kantola

Online Advertising KPIs - What should you measure?

By Jose Kantola on July 28, 2016

Clicks, sessions, likes, engagement, conversions, sales, return on ad spend, lifetime value. Online advertisers today have an overflowing variety of metrics available to measure their campaign performance. Various attribution models add to that complexity, creating a never ending discussion of “how should we measure results?”. My goal in this post is to provide you some guidelines and reasons for moving towards revenue and LTV-based optimization, based on how we at see the most successful advertisers around the world answer the question.

Miikka Holkeri

Mobile App Install Ads Go Dynamic

By Miikka Holkeri on June 23, 2016

A great creative is relevant and catches the eye. So why use static ads when you can show familiar items to grab attention and ensure accuracy with user-level recommendations of Dynamic Ads?

Facebook is expanding the capabilities of Dynamic Ads to support optimization towards mobile app installs. These campaigns are based on the same product catalogs as other Dynamic Ads, using Facebook’s great retargeting & recommendation engine with proven results.

Markus Ojala

How to Optimize Bidding on Facebook?

By Markus Ojala on June 21, 2016

On Facebook, advertisers can bid and pay directly for the final conversion goal, for example, purchases. As such, conversion optimized bidding is one of the most useful and simple features in Facebook marketing. In this blog post, we share our learnings on how to select bid amounts and optimization goals to maximize the results of your Facebook marketing.

Niko Ahonen's Approach to Facebook Ad Performance Optimization

By Niko Ahonen on May 26, 2016

We often get asked about how we do bid optimization with Facebook ads. For advertisers used to Google Adwords bidding, Facebook’s bidding options may seem complicated at first. Our approach begins with using a bid that represents the true value of a conversion to the advertiser and refraining from frequent bid manipulations, which may differ from other approaches you have seen. Read on to find out why.

Claudio Santori

Should I run my ads on both Facebook and Instagram?

By Claudio Santori on May 24, 2016

One out of every five minutes we spend on our phones is on either Facebook or Instagram.