Trip Consideration - Facebook’s New Solution to Catch Early Travel Intent

Stephanie Semaan Mar 06 2018 1 PM | 3 min read

“We first wanted to test Trip Consideration in with a very broad audience to see whether it would result in higher quality traffic compared to our standard target audience. The results were significant; with Trip Consideration we were able to drive more relevant traffic to our website with higher average session time and lowering the InitiateCheckout Cost-Per-Acquisition by 22%. We are looking forward to testing Trip Consideration with other prospecting audiences.”

Zuzana Kollarova, Social Advertising Specialist, Sunweb Group

Capturing travel intent is the hardest task in paid social: who is going to travel, where would they like to go, and, most importantly, when is the right time to engage with them with which message? This has been a no-brainer to search engine advertisers for a long time (as people write their intentions in the search bar). Facebook has recently rolled out a toolkit of invaluable ad products designed specifically for the travel industry.

Dynamic ads for travel for broad audiences and dynamic ads for travel retargeting campaigns have allowed travel advertisers to target people with specific travel plans. However, it has been challenging to identify users that are considering travel, but have not yet showed destination intent. With Facebook’s new solution for travel, trip consideration, travel advertisers can prioritize delivery to people who have shown general intent to travel.

How is Trip Consideration Different From DAT for Broad Audiences?

Trip consideration optimizes ads to people who have a travel intent in general, while dynamic ads for travel for broad audience optimizes towards people who have an intent to travel to a specific destination. Trip consideration uses static creative and does not require a catalog, unlike dynamic ads for travel for broad audiences. With trip consideration you use a static creative (image, carousel, single video, or Collection) while dynamic ads for travel for broad audiences pulls the creative from the product catalog, matching the destination intent.

How is Trip Consideration Different From Lookalike Audience or Interest Targeting?

Trip consideration is an optimization solution, not a targeting option. This means that Facebook optimizes the ad delivery towards people with travel intent. We recommend using as broad an audience as possible with trip consideration, so that Facebook’s algorithm can work its magic and find the right people with travel intent. You are able to define other targeting options, but don’t narrow the audience down too much as the recommended audience size for trip consideration is at least 7 million people.


Creative Recommendations for Trip Consideration

Trip consideration is ideal for reaching people who are looking for inspiration, comparing destinations, looking for good deals and doing their research. Make sure your creatives reflect this as well: don’t just list your inventory but get the users interested by providing them something useful they’re looking for. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to retarget them with more specific suggestions after they’ve visited your website or used your app.

We recommend trying for example the following content in your creatives: top travel deals, popular or hand-picked inspirational destinations, content from your travel bloggers or top travel tips. If possible, use video to make the experience much more tangible — remember that at this point of the consideration journey, your main goal should be to inspire and tell a story.

Use Automation for Constant Supply of Relevant Creatives

Use trip consideration to promote your top destinations of the season to drive relevant traffic to your site. With’s solution you can automatically promote your top destinations with always up-to-date offers. With, you can also promote inspirational content (such as blog posts) automatically to people itching to travel. Customize your creatives at scale with branding elements and editorial visuals with our Image Templates. This not only frees up time from your creative team but allows you to quickly scale your learnings from creative performance across all your campaigns.

Once you get these people to visit your website, you can use dynamic ads for travel to retarget users with matching destinations, hotels, or flights they have browsed.

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