Why Should Focusing On Talent Be A Top Priority In 2022?

Khush Karai Apr 06 2022 9 AM | 5 min read

As the social advertising landscape continues to evolve in and beyond 2022, it poses a challenge for brands to attract and retain talent that is able to manage and scale multiple campaigns effectively across various social media platforms. In our 2022 trends report, we asked CMOs from global brands about their social advertising plans for the upcoming year. They identified a lack of talent as a key barrier to their organization's success in 2022.

The Need for Talent

There is now a growing need for social advertising talent, but why? Let's take a closer look at why this might be the case. Many factors are at play, but one key reason would be the acceleration of digitalisation brought about by the pandemic. A shift in consumer-behavior caused organizations to re-evaluate their strategies and pivot to a digital-first omnichannel approach that capitalized on social media platforms. In Asia Pacific (APAC), the adoption of social media advertising has grown. And while there are more businesses that are going digital, consumers also moved quickly to digital platforms as a result of the lockdown or mass restrictions during the pandemic. Most marketers would agree that APAC is often categorized as a unique market since it comprises a vast amount of regions, countries, and demographics. Marketing teams not only have regional and cultural nuances to consider, but also a different mix of social media platforms. This highly digitalized world has contributed to the rise of various platforms for social marketers to manage. As shopping journeys are growing more complex, with more touch points than ever, organizations need to adopt a multiplatform strategy that meets the customer at every stage of their shopping journey.

With the growing number of advertising platforms, staying up-to-date with all the changes while running multiple campaigns on different platforms is increasingly challenging and complex. Adding to the complexity, brands don't always have the optimal tools or systems in place to support their teams to execute effectively across various platforms, leading to more manual work. The manual tasks can often take valuable time away from the more fulfilling and strategic functions. In addition, getting started with a new platform takes time and requires many iterations and testing before execution. This type of tedious work is likely to grow ever more cumbersome as brands invest in multiplatform (and multiformat) strategies.

The "Great Resignation" has also become a global phenomenon - companies are facing a growing shortage of skilled talent and difficulties in retaining talent. In addition, the pandemic has impacted the way people work and prompted some (if not many) to consider new opportunities and ways of working. This resonates with the findings from our annual research where we survey marketing leaders globally - in APAC, for example, 51.5% of respondents already consider a lack of internal talent as one of their biggest challenges. Furthermore, a recent report by Qualtrics found that half of the workforce in Singapore could shift careers in 2022.

Social advertising requires a calculated methodology, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach as organizations have different goals and objectives and varying team sizes. Implementing automation to workflows allows teams to reduce the amount of manual tasks and allocate the saved time into more strategic work. Outsourcing parts of campaign management to agencies also helps teams focus on more strategic work; however some decisions still require company oversight due to the strategic nuances of social advertising.


Scaling Your Brand Despite the Odds

Whether you're a small-sized firm or a large enterprise, a lack of talent could be holding you back from scaling your brand's social advertising. Luckily, there are a few ways you can create impactful changes without growing your team:

Organizations should shift their focus to integrating automation in their social advertising campaigns. Using the right automation tools, brands can remove manual processes and make the work for their teams easy, effective, and enjoyable. allows marketers to reach audiences across all stages of the buyer's journey. You can publish ads across formats and social channels with's tools that dynamically update your ads in real-time and deliver a consistent customer experience across all platforms. 

According to our survey, 72% of APAC respondents agree that their social media advertising creation and delivery involves time-consuming manual processes.'s creative automation tools and templates draw on your product catalog to customize your creatives, plugging in localized offers and copy variations, thus creating a much smoother workflow between your cross-functional teams. Our dynamic templates allow teams to automatically create and deliver thousands of images or videos with the click of a few buttons. With less manual work required with creating multiple ads, social marketers will have more time to focus on the more creative and strategic tasks. Our customers also have a dedicated Customer Success Manager and access to our 24/5 support chat which connects them with an extended team of experts across paid social who can help solve technical issues at scale, so you can be assured that you can scale paid social like a pro with

Last but not least, organizations can invest in their current teams through education and training. Academy is an excellent way for users to master new social advertising skills. With on-demand tutorials and best practices that help you master the platform, you can unlock the power of social advertising at scale. In addition, your teams will discover how to efficiently scale campaigns and creatives, iterate and automate designs, and test results that will drive better performance.


By focusing on talent and leveraging the right tools, you can boost your in-house capabilities, improve team efficiency, and achieve your goals! If you have any questions, contact your Customer Success Manager or send us a message, and we'll be in touch!

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