Why We Invite Customers to Our HQ in Helsinki

Chloé Bourrat May 08 2019 8 PM | 4 min read

At, we want to stay as close to our customers as possible. One of our values is to prioritize our customers’ problems, which comes in many forms: dedicated Customer Success Managers and our 24/5 Customer Support offer daily help to our customers, whereas Customer Summits allow us to deep dive into our customers’ needs.  

Earlier this spring, we invited the fashion e-commerce TechStyle to our HQ in Helsinki, Finland. We had team members join from their Los Angeles and Barcelona offices for strategy days that consisted of product feedback, open discussion, planning, and team activities.

Let’s take a closer look at what these summits entail and why they are instrumental - both for our customers and us.

Open Feedback Sessions and Discussions

A summit lasts between two to four days. Before the visit, we discuss the customer’s main pain points, favorite features, and future wishes - both with the customer and our product teams. Once in Helsinki, our visitors have tailored sessions with every product team to discuss their specific needs. One of the perks of meeting with a long time customer is the high level of confidence, which enables candid feedback. An open discussion can be quickly established between the customer and our leadership and product teams. During the sessions, our customers tell us what they need from the product to succeed and grow.

As TechStyle’s team is divided between the US and Europe, we had to consider both teams’ needs. In the US they manage two markets with similar needs and workflows: the United States and Canada. In Europe, on the other hand, they manage seven different markets that all have a different language, currency, and market expectations. Thus, we had to gather insights from both regions to prepare a detailed session that would value both teams.

Reinforcing the Relationship

A summit helps us strengthen our customer relationship. Our sessions consolidate the closeness, and together, we reach comprehensive solutions that help our customers succeed.

“When you visit the HQ, you discover a full team of Smartlies dedicated to your needs. They are super specialized, and this is what we need and value the most. We know now more than ever that we're in good hands.”- Patricia Caritj Acquisition Manager for Techstyle EU

Although the days are filled with workshops, hands-on sessions, and discussions with various teams, we also make sure to disconnect and enjoy what Helsinki has to offer.

With three million saunas in the country, it is at the very core of Finnish culture. We wanted to give TechStyle the full Finnish experience, which consists of relaxing in the 80°C sauna followed by a jump into the ice-cold water. Karaoke is another activity that locals love, so of course, we took the team to sing some karaoke after one of our team dinners.

Build Ad-Hoc Solutions to Our Most Loyal Customers

Open discussions, honest feedback, and a reinforced relationship lay the ground for working on ad-hoc solutions for our customers. Usually, tailored features are not always the best solution because the tool can quickly become suitable only for a specific type of customer. In our case, however, we always take into account several customers’ needs and requests when working on customized features. The close collaboration is the best way to continuously keep improving and developing our tool according to the market needs and to provide the best solutions.

"The Helsinki Summit really opened up my eyes to how valuable they are as a partner. It was truly humbling to be in the same room as some of their most technical employees and C-level executives. The collaboration that were able to achieve served as a reminder that is here to push the envelope in advertising and will do whatever it takes to achieve the best results for their clients. They are unstoppable, and I can’t wait to see what Techstyle and will achieve together in the future." - Ashley Martin, Senior Manager, Customer Acquisition

As a result of our Summit in Helsinki, team members will join TechStyle’s offsite to deepen the relationship even further and to better understand their day-to-day needs and workflows. Are you ready to come and visit us in Helsinki?

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Chloé Bourrat

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