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ABOUT YOU drives 100% increase in ROAS with Smartly.io and TikTok Shopping Ads


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ABOUT YOU is one of Europe’s fastest growing fashion platforms of scale for young and fashion-conscious customers. Today, they operate in 26 markets and offer close to 600,000 products from more than 3,500 brands. They are a highly data-driven advertiser, focusing on testing and being the first mover in their markets to help maximize conversions.


Driving conversion among TikTok's unique audience

TikTok has become an increasingly important part of ABOUT YOU’s digital advertising strategy in the past two years. Mostly addressing a specifically young audience on TikTok, which differentiates from other platforms, ABOUT YOU tries to drive incremental conversions.

ABOUT YOU's TikTok advertising team consists of two task forces, one part dedicated to branding topics and driving brand awareness, while the other part mostly focuses on boosting lower funnel performance. Understanding that TikTok "is an essential online marketing platform in the future and thus, should be present across the marketing funnel," the performance team is working on an always-on approach for lower funnel campaigns to acquire new customers and drive conversions – their most important KPI.

2. Solution

Leveraging Smartly.io for TikTok's new Shopping Ads

Aiming at driving lower funnel KPIs, ABOUT YOU’s strategy mainly focuses on Conversion and Catalog Sales campaign objectives. Additionally, as the ABOUT YOU team is always looking for new and innovative ways to drive conversions on the platform, TikTok offered ABOUT YOU the chance to become one of the first brands to test their new Video Shopping Ads solution.

As part of the alpha test, the ABOUT YOU team tested two new features in Video Shopping Ads: Dynamic Formats, which combine different creative elements into different variations based on a shopper's intent to buy, and Dynamic Destination, an automated in-app landing page experience.

Leveraging Smartly.io for creative and campaign management on TikTok and across all social platforms, the ABOUT YOU team wanted to use Smartly.io to test Video Shopping Ads. At that time, Video Shopping Ads were only available in the alpha phase, meaning the TikTok, ABOUT YOU, and Smartly.io teams needed to work closely together to conduct the test.

The close collaboration between Smartly.io, TikTok, and ABOUT YOU was fundamental to setting up ABOUT YOU's first Video Shopping Ads test. Constant communication was key to ensuring we were satisfied with the test setup

Julia Maeker, Online Marketing Manager at ABOUT YOU

Creating the campaigns in Smartly.io is much easier since my team and I use Smartly.io daily. Our customer success manager and the Smartly.io team were extremely helpful in helping us solve any challenges in a timely manner.

Cindy Lin, Online Marketing Manager at ABOUT YOU

Overall, we see an uplift when using TikTok's Shopping Ads across markets. We're excited to continue testing in additional markets.

Cindy Lin, Online Marketing Manager at ABOUT YOU

3. Results

Shopping Ads deliver better results than business-as-usual campaigns

In the alpha test for web campaigns, ABOUT YOU saw a nearly 30% uplift in ROAS compared to the business-as-usual Catalog Sales campaigns. As a result, the ABOUT YOU team extended web campaign testing into the beta period while including additional markets.

Similar to the alpha test, the Shopping Ads beta test also showed positive results. During the beta, in the French market, ABOUT YOU observed consistent ROAS greater than 100% based on TikTok’s data and when optimizing for the Add to Cart event for Web (only taking into account the period when the campaign was optimizing for this event type).

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