Albert Heijn Scales Multi-Platform Digital Circulars to Drive Incremental Sales


Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is the largest and most famous Dutch supermarket chain with more than 1,000 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Owned by Ahold Delhaize, Albert Heijn is one of the world's leading food retailers.

1 Challenge

Improving the Customer Experience to Capture Shopper Attention

As the retail and grocery industry continues its digital transformation, the need for personalized ads has never been more important to stand out and capture consumer attention. As a brand that is always looking to improve the customer experience, Albert Heijn quickly recognized this meant reaching customers with consistent and personalized offers across the funnel by leveraging Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Albert Heijn understood that this multi-platform approach required a unique strategy for each platform, with personalized creative and messaging for each. However, executing three unique strategies was nearly impossible without the right technology to automate the manual processes of updating creatives and campaigns weekly

2 Solution

Automated, Customized Digital Circulars Across Social Platforms

Upon implementing's Digital Circular solution to automate and personalize Albert Heijn's weekly offers on Facebook and Instagram, the team quickly expanded their Digital Circulars to Pinterest as well.

Albert Heijn, together with Dentsu Aegis, leveraged the weekly offers feed from their Facebook and Instagram Digital Circulars to power their Pinterest Digital Circular campaigns and show up-to-date, relevant product information in Pins. Now, they can easily launch Digital Circulars across all three platforms from the same UI.

Understanding that customer behavior differs on each platform, Albert Heijn recognized the need to use different messaging across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.'s Image Templates allowed them to quickly adapt their Digital Circular format across the various platforms while maintaining their branding, as well as switch up the messaging to meet the needs of the different platform audiences.

For example, the team consolidates multiple messages and promotional offers for Facebook and Instagram Digital Circulars, including price and availability to drive immediate conversions. Their strategy on Pinterest focused more on inspiring customers with custom recipes and product pairing for those looking ahead to holidays and larger events.



of New Website Users 

Generated from Digital Circulars on Pinterest.



Increase in Reach

Among targeted audience from Digital Circulars on Facebook.

+17 pt. 

Over Competing Grocery Stores 

+17 pt. in “Meets my needs better than other supermarkets” on Pinterest; +13.3 pt. on Facebook (Kantar).


Time Savings

When executing personalized weekly campaigns. 



3 Outcome

Increased Conversions and Sales with Less Manual Work

Managing their Digital Circulars across all three social platforms within has allowed the team to reduce the time it takes pulling product information, producing creatives, and launching campaigns from 3 hours to less than 5 minutes per week. With this time savings, the team has strategically tested which creatives, messaging, and personalized elements resonated across each platform to further drive sales.

"The fact that we can run all three social platforms through makes it easy to check how campaigns are doing across multiple platforms. Now, we don't have to go to three different platforms to see our data, making it easier to analyze and make optimizations on future decisions." - Charelle Uhlenbeck, Social Advertising Consultant, Dentsu

The Digital Circular enabled them to add different branding messages to the weekly offers, providing viewers a more complete overview of Albert Heijn's services. Now, Albert Heijn can do this with a hyper-personalized approach to capture attention while scaling across platforms quickly and efficiently, which has proven to meet their customers' needs across the funnel.

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“Digital Circulars across our social platforms have been a critical asset in our marketing mix for driving incremental sales and standing out from our competitors. The automated feeds have allowed us to deliver personalized messages in half the time, and we have the results to show for it. We can't wait to continue to elaborate on the format.”

Bram Molenaar, Digital Media Specialist, Albert Heijn

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