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Cornershop Scales Globally with More Effective Geo-Campaign Set Up



Cornershop is the largest on-demand grocery delivery app in Latin America. It was simultaneously founded in Chile and Mexico in 2015 and now operates in eight additional countries across the Americas, including the United States, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Costa Rica.

In July 2020, Uber acquired a majority stake in the company in an effort to further the company’s vision of becoming the “operating system” of everyday life. As with many other similar types of advertisers, Cornershop partners with Facebook to drive user acquisition within different geographical locations.

1 Goal

Reaching Potential Customers with Customized Ads in Various Locations

As a global grocery delivery service, Cornershop deals with the complexities of needing to target specific audiences in multiple locations and languages while maintaining various grocery store partnerships. Given this, the company relies heavily on complex campaign set ups to drive scalable performance while hitting their KPIs. Based on the service’s coverage, ad campaigns are set up to target on the city level.

Prior to partnering with earlier this year, Cornershop had to create target audiences in different ad sets to be able to customize messages or showcase a relevant supermarket based on the user’s geographic location. Setting up campaigns this way enabled them to customize the message; however, it had a negative impact on performance as the audiences were too small to scale conversions and as a result the cost to acquire a customer increased.

2 Solution

Location-Based Campaigns with’s Segment Asset Customization

By partnering with, Cornershop is now able to more efficiently set up campaigns as they are now able to create ads based on location and therefore deliver a relevant message on each city. By using’s Segment Asset Customization (SAC) feature, the team was able to more effectively set up campaigns that achieved both goals of customization and hitting important KPIs, such as CAC. SAC achieved these results by aggregating location and store specific creatives into ads that were targeted to a larger audience. Ad delivery was easier to optimize [to the larger audience] and SAC displayed the correct local store creative based on the viewer’s geolocation.

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With's Segment Asset Customization feature, we are now able to more efficiently set up campaigns and create ads based on location and deliver a relevant message to each city that achieved both goals of customization and hitting important KPIs including Customer Acquisition Cost. Looking forward to testing more features from”

Noorpreet Lehl, Global Performance Marketing Lead

3 Outcome

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs with Personalized Ads And Simplified Ad Set-Ups

One month into using Segment Asset Customization (SAC), Cornershop was able to scale spend by 17% and reduce CAC by 79%. This simplified account set up enabled them to achieve performance goals while customizing messages based on location using’s Image Templates via Automated Ads.

Given this improved ability to effectively geo-target campaigns, Cornershop now plans to adopt this campaign structure to other markets.

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