Deliveroo Reaches Hyperlocal Audiences with Neighborhood Favorites



Deliveroo was started in the UK as a food delivery company, and has since grown and expanded internationally. For many, it has become the go-to app for food delivery from local favorites, restaurants, and grocery stores.

1 Brief

The Importance of “Local Golds” is Growing

The Deliveroo team found that customers were most drawn to local favorites and neighborhood staples. The restaurants, dubbed “Local Golds” were the most valuable restaurants in regional offering and were main drivers for customer acquisition and retention. Especially when venturing outside of metropolitan areas such as London, the importance of “Local Golds” only grew.

2 Challenge

How to Scale Hyper-Local Ads?

As the “Local Golds” promotions included a small, location-specific selection of restaurants, visible to a limited audience in that region, the team had found it challenging to scale with Facebook’s Dynamic Ads.

The Deliveroo team needed to find a way to increase reach of the local ads, yet maintain a level of performance to show that impressions weren’t falling mostly on unengaged eyes.

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“Smartly has been incredibly significant in helping Deliveroo scale paid social in 2020. With Automated Ads and Video Templates, we’ve been able to show hyper-local, hyper-relevant content to our audience in a way we had never thought possible.

Our account manager Sky helped us with every step along the way, and we’re now at a place where we’re scaling this solution to all of our markets; and seeing where we can replicate it in other campaign types to save our specialists, creative studio, and planners even more time.”

Claire Reynolds, Senior Performance Marketing Specialist, Deliveroo

3 Solution

Dynamic Data Powers Accurate Local Ads

Firstly, the Deliveroo Marketing Technologist ensured that all restaurant data was up-to-date. Previously, the feeds with local offerings had been static, but as the team transitioned to a dynamic feed, it was constantly updating with the latest information about restaurant availability and popularity. With’s Automated Ads, any changes to the restaurant data was automatically reflected in the ads.

To ensure a hyper-local delivery, the Deliveroo team optimized for reach. Simultaneously, the importance of creatives increased as they played a critical role in engaging the audience to convert. By using’s Video Templates, the team was able to automatically create variations of creatives and therefore showcase all the “Local Gold” restaurants. They scaled successfully the strategy of using’s Automated Ads together with Placement Asset Customization across the UK.

With Smartly, the turnaround time to launch the campaigns was a few hours. Without Smartly, going through the internal process would have taken a whole week.


Relevant local content, with an upper-funnel optimization lead to notable results.


Lower CPiA

Using localised video ads compared to DPA


Higher engagement rate

From videos compared to static DPA carousels


More Incremental Orders delivered

Than DPA campaign running at the same time

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