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As a premier gaming destination in the United States, FanDuel allows consumers to engage with their favorite sports, teams and leagues across sports betting and daily fantasy sports. FanDuel has built a community of 8.5 million sports fans and gamers across 45 states. 

1 Challenge

Scaling Snap Performance During FanDuel’s Prime Sports Season

68% of Snapchat users 21 or older use the platform to share videos, reactions and images during game days, making Snapchat a critical channel in FanDuel's marketing mix during their biggest advertising time of the year.

Game days provide a massive opportunity for FanDuel to tap into new audiences on Snapchat; however, their internal team did not have the bandwidth to execute day-to-day operations. They needed a team and technology to scale ad spend and optimize in order to hit their ambitious CPA goals.

Asset 8@2x

“With the help of's Managed Service team, we were able to scale spend by 4.5x during our most important sports season year over year. Thanks to the UI in, the team can optimize and adjust bids and budgets across our 25+ game-specific campaigns effortlessly.”

Aaron Dugan, Director of Media & Demand Generation, FanDuel

2 Solution’s Team of Experts & Market-Leading Technology

FanDuel worked closely with a group of social advertising experts from’s Managed Service team to fully build, launch, manage and optimize their Snapchat campaigns.

To reduce time spent on campaign management, the Managed Service team leveraged’s market-leading platform to automate and optimize FanDuel’s campaigns and creatives. With the time saved from increasing automation and driving more efficient workflows,’s Managed Service team has been able to focus on creating a broader, full-funnel strategy for the FanDuel team.

Within the platform, the Managed Service team quickly made adjustments to campaigns on FanDuel’s most important advertising days. They bulk adjusted flexible bids and budgets across 25+ campaigns at once to increase spend on game days.

Beyond budget and bid adjustments, the Managed Service team also quickly built and added new creatives to 50+ ad sets at once, allowing for seamless updates across game-specific and time-sensitive campaigns.

Leveraging's reporting capabilities, the Managed Service team also helped optimize campaigns against FanDuel-specific metrics and uncover top-performing creative elements (across multiple Snap accounts) to shift budget accordingly and generate the lowest possible CPA.



increase in Snap ad spend YoY


decrease in CPA MoM during FanDuel’s primary sports season

5 Hrs.

of work per week saved, through automated workflows across 25+ campaigns
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