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Greenhouse & vanHaren Partner with to Launch Multi-Platform Dynamic Ad Campaigns



Greenhouse is the market leader in the Netherlands in several areas of data-driven digital performance marketing. The team from Greenhouse partners with vanHaren (part of Deichmann Group) — one of the largest and most successful family shoe retailers in the Netherlands — to manage their social and digital media advertising strategies.

1 Challenge

Launching Multi-Platform Campaigns Efficiently & Effectively

As a leading shoe retailer home to a variety of brands and styles for the entire family, vanHaren deals with the complexities of showcasing all of their brands while also ensuring prospective customers see the best-fitting options — on the most relevant social channel — to drive purchases. Given this, the team turned to running Dynamic Ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest to retarget potential customers who had previously visited their website.

Before partnering with, Greenhouse, vanHaren's digital performance marketing agency, manually executed vanHaren’s Dynamic Ad campaigns in each social channel's native ads manager. This meant anything from developing creatives and managing feeds to measuring their campaigns' success in four separate locations.

Although running Dynamic Ad campaigns has been critical to delivering relevant ads to vanHaren’s audiences, executing Dynamic Ads campaigns this way was extremely time-consuming. Having to manually use four different ads managers also made it hard to compare performance, while inconsistent creatives across the channels often led to a disjointed customer experience.

2 Solution

One Platform to Create & Manage Multi-Platform Campaigns now provides Greenhouse with a single platform to more efficiently and strategically execute vanHaren's Dynamic Ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Understanding the importance of maintaining vanHaren’s strong branding and delivering a consistent experience across all social channels, Greenhouse quickly adopted's Image Templates to ensure ad creatives showcased vanHaren’s branding with the same look and feel across every platform. Greenhouse's creative hub can now create one Image Template using vanHaren's brand fonts and colors, and other customizable dynamic elements, and quickly reformat the template for each channel's dimensions.

This has been especially helpful for the team on Snapchat, where vanHaren is the first to use for Snapchat Dynamic Ads in the Netherlands. Using Dynamic Ads, vanHaren has seen an 11% decrease in CPA and a 21% increase in conversion rate for these campaigns since using’s Image Templates.



decrease in CPA using's Image Templates on Snapchat


increase in Conversion Rate using’s Image Templates on Snapchat


Image Template across 4 social platforms, saving 40% of hours on creative work


platform to create, launch, and optimize vanHaren’s social media campaigns
3 Outcome

Maintaining Consistent Branding to Boost Performance

Not only has’s Image Templates ensured consistent branding, but it has also accelerated execution and time-to-market by cutting down on the number of feedback and revision cycles needed between Greenhouse and vanHaren — the vanHaren team approves one template for all four social channels.

Beyond Image Templates, Greenhouse has also leveraged as a single platform to measure and optimize campaigns across all of vanHaren's social channels, cutting campaign management time in half while also providing a more holistic view of performance to optimize campaign strategies from budget allocation to creative testing and more.

“Promoting all of our shoe brands while maintaining a consistent and exceptional vanHaren customer experience has been difficult to do across all of the social platforms. Now being able to use’s Image Templates across our social platforms, we can promote a consistent look and feel, which has led to a lift in the performance of all our Dynamic Ads campaigns.”

— Britt Vierhout, Content Marketing, vanHaren (Deichmann group)

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By using, we are able to align the look and feel of the client's brand assets across different platforms. Streamlining the process between creative production and reporting, the tool enables us to optimise creatives at scale, resulting in a strong increase in performance of vanHaren's campaigns.

Nikki Gruijters, Social Advertising Specialist, Greenhouse 

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