Leading Audio Technology Company

How to Optimize Workflows to Drive Better Performance


This audio technology company helps consumers find the right music track or podcast for every moment. Founded in 2006, the company puts millions of tracks and episodes at our fingertips. As the leading audio streaming and media services provider, they heavily rely on social media to drive user acquisition and growth strategies.

Since 2016, this company has partnered with Smartly.io to drive operational efficiencies and better performance across multiple social media platforms. Their goal is to drive new customer acquisitions globally and scale their efforts on Facebook, while keeping cost per acquisition in line with their KPIs.

1 Challenge

Complex and Time Consuming Manual Campaign Set-Ups

From early on, Facebook proved to be an effective growth channel for this global company given its wide reach; however, their campaign set up proved to be extremely manual and complicated. In order to effectively measure performance by region, which is a key corporate KPI, the team had to set up over 100 campaigns across four accounts and in 25 languages.

Additionally, there were several ads and placements within each campaign. The time-consuming and tedious tasks needed to execute these campaigns took time away from more strategic, performance-improving analyses.

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“Smartly allows us to build and report out on hundreds of campaigns across multiple markets and languages, in a matter of minutes. Along with its budget allocation solutions, which prioritize efficiency across all of our active regions, Smartly’s comprehensive creative optimization solutions ensure we’re consistently combating ad fatigue, remaining competitive in the auction, and continuing to hit our aggressive goals.”

Paid Social Lead

2 Solution

Automating Workflows and Budgets

Smartly.io’s automation technology enables the team to address their workflow challenges, improve their ability to report out on the metrics that matter most, and work more efficiently. Leveraging Smartly.io’s three pillars of automation: Automated Ads campaigns, Creative Optimization algorithm, and Predictive Budget Allocation solution, the team is able to save time to then do more strategic analyses and drive greater campaign performance. Workflow automation and optimization powered by Smartly.io include: the ability to effectively structure and manage campaigns by market, fight against ad fatigue by rotating fresh, high-performing creative daily, and manage and optimize campaigns and budgets at the regional level while using their third-party data partner of choice per campaign. The combined use of these three features enables the team to drive down costs while also saving time.

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“Tooling and automation from Smartly.io has enabled our small team of 4 to do the work of 10. Our campaign output and performance efficiencies wouldn't be possible without their ad tech and personalized tailored services.”

Global Performance Marketing Strategy Lead

3 Outcome

Time Savings and Improved Performance

Smartly.io enables the team to be more agile and flexible with their campaign set up. By using Automated Ads, the team is able to recover at least one full working day to be used for more strategic initiatives instead of spending that time building campaigns and assigning the right creative and language to the right market. Since partnering with Smartly.io, the company has seen increased collaboration and improved performance as the cost per registration and cost per subscriber decreased at the regional level.