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Jawwy is an exciting telecommunications brand that offers the MENA region’s first digital-first mobile plan managed fully via an App. Jawwy is a product of Saudi Telecom Company (stc) and works exclusively with IPG agencies; UM to fully manage its media planning and buying and FP7 for its creative strategy and execution.

1 Goal

Matching Offers and Audiences Automatically

Jawwy, FP7 and UM were looking to automate their advertising to become more relevant and personalised for the end consumer. The opportunity for Jawwy was to develop multiple creative executions that promoted its offers to different audiences in multiple different ways. Additionally Jawwy occasionally changed its offers as market conditions shifted and this impacted the messaging.

It became apparent to FP7 that Jawwy needed an automated solution that would generate, update and manage these creatives without the need for excessive manual work and long lead-times. The aim was to adopt an approach towards creative development that would produce the volume and variability of creative required and through continuous iteration and testing, improve results in the long term. UM and FP7 had a goal to create a world-class customer acquisition solution for Jawwy that would set them up for success in the future.



Unique creatives generated with automation



Lower CPA using Smartly.io Automated Ads campaigns vs previous Ads Manager campaigns


Higher ROAS in Smartly.io Automated Ads campaigns vs previous Ads Manager campaigns
2 Solution

Brand Safe Automation to the Rescue

UM and FP7 worked with Smartly.io to adapt Automated Ads to their use case. Creatives were generated using a combination of a spreadsheet with ad information, and Smartly.io Image and Video Templates. By embracing automation, the team was able to dramatically reduce the time to market of new offers and generate different creative executions at volume and speed using pre-defined templates (saving time and cost whilst staying “on brand”).

The final solution is a MENA first for a Telecommunications company - and a framework that the team can build and innovate on for future product releases.

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“Jawwy has continued to push media boundaries in the digital space. This was the right time to introduce a cutting-edge platform into our media approach for Jawwy. Smartly.io’s solution not only unlocked the opportunity of automation, but nicely places Jawwy for an exciting 2021.”

Nadeem Ibrahim, Digital Director KSA, UM

3 Outcome

Improved Efficiencies and a Happy Team

Whilst the main KPI for the integration of automation into the workflow was efficiency, there was also a significant impact on performance. This was partly attributed to the large number of creatives generated by FP7 which automatically rotated and helped UM to effectively reduce the frequency with which each ad was shown to the target customer, significantly reducing ad fatigue.

The client and agencies were particularly excited by the opportunity to develop templated creatives that both fitted within the brand guidelines and allowed performance team members to instantly update dozens of videos without repeatedly involving designers.

“Smartly not only helped us optimize the creative & design process, but also had a significant impact on the media performance and eliminated ad fatigue with all the asset variations that we were able to generate”

—Jad Abdel Kader, Head of Digital, FP7/KSA


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