Driving Performance Through Video Ads That Are Easy to Create and Iterate On-The-Go



Koala is a leading disruptor in the Australian online furniture market. With its signature Koala Mattress making waves since 2015, the brand has expanded from bedroom products to the living room space.

1 Brief

Scale Video Creative While Generating Creative Insights 

Koala has partnered with Smartly.io for more than three years to force-multiply their social advertising by enacting large-scale account management operations through a range of quality-of-life and optimization features.

Koala wanted to promote their new product launches with video creatives on Facebook and Instagram. However, producing multiple creatives with varying messages proved to be time-consuming and require a long lead time with their in-house design team. After learning about Smartly.io's Modular Video Creative, the Design team at Koala wanted to implement it into their campaigns.

2 Challenge

Increase Creative Velocity

Reduce current 2-week lead time for creative production

Reduce current 2-week lead time for creative production

Iterate data-driven creatives at a faster rate

Iterate data-driven creatives at a faster rate

Obtain real-time insights

Obtain real-time insights




To generate 24 customised
on-brand videos for Facebook and Instagram.


Reduction in CPA

Compared to similar campaigns that didn't use modular videos.

3 Solution

Creatives: Easy to Automate, Easy to Iterate

  • 1. Automate creative production with Smartly.io’s technology and testing methodology
  • 2. Obtain real-time insights from improved creative velocity

Koala leveraged Smartly.io's Modular Video to scale video creative, test messaging systematically, and to obtain real-time insights through reporting.

Koala was set up for success in the training, support and on-going consultation with their Smartly.io Customer Success Manager and Creative Team. With 24 video creatives in market, the Performance Team was able to pinpoint high performing and low performing 'modules', messaging and combinations of both. Following the success of this initial campaign, Koala has expanded the use of Video Modular Creative to all other products and will replicate the process for the Japanese market.

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“Our partnership with Smartly.io has been very collaborative and supportive since the beginning. By adopting their modular solution we have been able to produce creatives at scale, test different versions to determine the best performing ones, while also allowing us to focus more of our efforts on strategy and performance.”

Isabelle Zonderland, Paid Media Manager - Social at Koala

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