La Redoute Uses On-Brand Retargeting Creatives to Decrease CPA 12-38% Across Platforms


La Redoute

La Redoute is a leading French e-commerce leader in home and fashion, known from its early days spinning wool through to the famous catalog era. With more than 180 years of history, La Redoute has reinvented its brand to keep in step with women and their families' evolving role in an ever-transforming social landscape.

1 Challenge

Maintaining Brand Recognition Across Snapchat and Pinterest

A long-time Facebook advertiser, La Redoute wanted to tap into incremental audiences on Snapchat and Pinterest to convert customers or prospects they couldn't reach on other platforms. La Redoute leveraged Dynamic Ads / Shopping Ads campaigns on both Snapchat and Pinterest to prospect these incremental audiences across the buyer's journey, from finding a new brand to making a new purchase. 

The brand’s implementation of Dynamic Ads and Shopping Ads campaigns helped to deliver relevant ads to new audiences. However, creative production for those campaigns posed a challenge. Given the importance of maintaining La Redoute's strong branding on both Snapchat and Pinterest, they needed a way to deliver on-brand ads their audiences would recognize. 

2 Solution

Advanced Dynamic Image Templates to Deliver On-Brand Retargeting Campaigns

To ensure their social creatives fit into their overarching branding, La Redoute leveraged's advanced dynamic Image Templates to scale creative production. This allowed them to deliver a seamless experience across customer touchpoints. By using's templates, La Redoute could show the right product to the right customer while also customizing the brand font, color, and additional information in the ad based on a users’ search and purchase intent. 

Prior to using’s templates, La Redoute could only showcase a product image against a white background in their Pinterest Shopping Ads. When Using for Snapchat, La Redoute can infuse more branding into their creative for Snapchat Dynamic Ad campaigns with product frames and logos and add additional information such as price markdowns or value-propositions. 

3 Outcome

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs Across Platforms

By combining’s dynamic Image Templates with Snapchat and Pinterest’s powerful retargeting methods, La Redoute delivers more effective ads to their audiences. When they measured two campaigns with the same budget (one with's Image Templates, one with no templates), the team saw a 12-38% decrease in CPA across platforms.

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“Maintaining the La Redoute brand in everything we do is important, which was difficult when we could only show a standard product image. Thanks to's Image Templates, we can produce brand-friendly creatives that have driven better performance across platforms.”

Jeremy Savary, Traffic Manager, La Redoute

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