Makuake and Septeni Increase Revenue with Image Templates



Makuake supports “atarashii (latest)” goods and experiences through their platform and provides multifaceted business support for both domestic and international companies. By working with more than 100 financial institutions across Japan, Makuake supports businesses across the market, they also collaborate with distribution partners both domestic and oversea partners to help businesses expand even after the project completes.


SEPTENI provides digital marketing business and supports digital transformation for their clients by providing digital advertising services and solutions based on AI and data.

1 Challenge

Acquiring Users with Creative that Expresses the Brand

Makuake and Septeni wanted to acquire new users and increase sales while conveying more information to users through dynamic ads on Facebook and Instagram. To do so, they were looking to "optimize ad performance" and "maximize ad volume”. They were looking for more flexibility with their creatives to make it happen, but the native platform features and other third party creative tools were not enough and the quality was not satisfying.

2 Solution's Image Templates Automates Creative Production without Compromising Brand Image

By using's image templates, they are now able to include information in the feed such as "number of supporters" and "days left (for the project)" in the creative which they previously were not able to do.

Asset 8@2x

The creative flexibility and ease of use for what Smartly offers is amazing and this has been contributing to performance improvements. In addition, whenever we had questions during the process, we received timely responses and careful support from the Smartly team through various ways, which made the adaptation very smooth.”

Daisuke Yokawa, Director, Solution Department, Media Devision, Septeni Japan,Inc.

3 Outcome

Better Results with Less Manual Work

Makuake and Septeni were able to achieve higher results in click rate, acquisition cost per user and ROAS compared to regular dynamic ads with less manual work and using assets efficiently by adding dynamically changing information that users wanted to know through the creatives.








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