How Mango Drove
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Mango is a retail company from Spain which sells fashion, footwear, accessories and home décor inspired in the Mediterranean across many regions (more than 110 countries) and platforms.

1 Brief

Mango needed a new Facebook and Instagram marketing partner that allowed the team to efficiently run their social advertising with creative variety, as well as optimize their campaigns based on internal data.

2 Challenge

How to measure the correct results and scale creative production?

Mango’s digital marketing teams use Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in Google Analytics 360 Suite as their main success metric. However, Facebook conversions do not directly translate to Google Analytics performance data. The discrepancy between Facebook and GA360 data made it difficult to properly optimize for revenue goals.

The team also needed creative tools to scale their creative production and to add variety to their social advertising.


Optimizing directly to Google Analytics sales and scaling creative production resulted in impressive revenue gains.







3 Solution

Integrating Server-to-Server and scaling creatives with Image Templates

By connecting Mango and Smartly S2S, Mango was able to report and optimize for their trusted source of truth data instead of using Facebook metrics as a proxy. Therefore, the social advertising team was now measuring performance with the same data points as Mango's other digital marketing teams. The team was now able to show they could grow Facebook into a true revenue engine.

The Mango team also took advantage of's Image Templates tool: the design team creates brand guidelines, and the social advertising team is then able to apply the designs across the entire product offering using templates.

With Dynamic Image Templates, Smartly also allows us to keep our advertising on-brand and showcase our products in more creative & scaled ways.

—Mireia Minguez Carbonell
Head of Performance Marketing & SEO at Mango


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“Partnering with helped us improve our social advertising. Optimizing to Google Analytics goals saves us time and makes our advertising effective and increases revenue.”

Roger Graell, Ecommerce Director at Mango

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