MediaMarkt Leverages Campaign Automation to In-House Social Advertising



The biggest consumer electronics retailer in Europe, MediaMarkt has made shopping and product exploration their focus for over 40 years. MediaMarkt is active in 13 countries with more than 850 stores across Europe and a strong presence in e-commerce.

1 Challenge

In-Housing Social Advertising with Limited Bandwidth for Manual Campaign Management

MediaMarkt’s Dutch performance marketing team runs a high volume of campaigns across different stakeholders such as: branding, national sales, and their suppliers. As they envisioned shifting from a 100% media agency-managed model to building an in-house social advertising team, they needed to be able to manage their limited resources without losing out on campaign volume and performance. With all of their various objectives and messaging, setting up and running these campaigns smoothly was nearly impossible with a lean team.

MediaMarkt needed a way to structure its accounts while easing the process of managing and scaling campaigns as a one-person, in-house operation—without increasing headcount. In turn, this would help them better understand creative best practices to drive more strategic insights and performance.

2 Solution

MediaMarkt Leverages's Advanced Automation Features to Test and Scale Social Advertising Campaigns

By using's market-leading platform for social advertising, MediaMarkt has reduced manual work and reinvested their time into identifying creative insights, ad optimizations, and true performance drivers. The time savings offered by automation allows the MediaMarkt team to successfully manage Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns as a one-person team without the need for an agency.

To help kick-off MediaMarkt’s data-driven testing approach, they tapped into’s Creative Services, our award-winning in-house creative team, to create two original video templates to test which creative elements drive the most sales. MediaMarkt could then leverage’s creative insights to see how the templates resonate for each type of campaign (branding vs. national sales vs. supplier). For example, MediaMarkt implemented a new testing strategy for branding campaigns to showcase lifestyle and people versus only showing product images.  



ad campaigns automated per year


decrease in time spent building campaigns


increase in split and lift testing conducted YoY
3 Outcome

Time Savings Paved the Way for a Data-Driven Testing Approach

With a fully automated setup saving between 20-30 minutes per campaign, MediaMarkt is able to find stronger insights in less time—all while driving omnichannel sales and quality site visits.’s automation allowed MediaMarkt to in-house social advertising while shifting their time and focus to informing their creative test-and-learn strategy, which began with Creative Service’s original video templates.

They are successfully monitoring and executing campaigns in-house without the need to be especially hands-on. Year over year, MediaMarkt saw a 50% time savings across the board with 380 campaigns automated, as well as a 120% increase in split and lift testing conducted.

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“Partnering up with and utilizing their automation solutions has earned us more time to internally manage paid social campaigns for various stakeholders at scale, while decreasing lead times and agency costs. As a result, we have improved overall performance by having more time to focus on our test-and-learn strategy.”

Danny Hsiao, Lead Performance Marketeer Display, Social & Video, MediaMarkt

& Zuzana Kollarova, Social Advertising Specialist, MediaMarkt

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