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Meditopia is one of the world’s leading global mental health platforms. With over 30 million members, Meditopia’s content has been curated and localized by experts in 12 different languages. It is a platform with a strong focus on coaching and meditation, Meditopia was founded in 2017 with the clear mission to provide mental health practices anytime, anywhere for everyone around the world.

1 Challenge

How can we invest more into the campaigns that are performing at scale?

Given Meditopia’s global presence, the challenges the team faces on a daily basis all relate to creating localized and multi-language campaigns that not only resonate with different target groups of individuals, but can also easily be scaled across 30 countries. In addition to this, when ads perform really well in a specific region, it becomes a tedious and difficult process to invest more in that campaign to get the greatest return on ad spend.

Oftentimes, the creative team at Meditopia could produce the creatives at scale, however it was often difficult for the operational teams to keep up with the production and campaign logistics, leading to challenging and manual workflows. With a need to scale, capitalize, and maximize on its campaigns, Meditopia looked for a solution to bridge the communications gap between creative and operations and invest more on campaigns that performed the best on a region by region basis.

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“Creative-level optimization requires a lot of manual work when you have 30+ campaigns, 150+ ad sets and 40+ ads per ad set. Creative Optimization helps us overcome that challenge.”

Celil Parlak - Sr User Acquisition Manager

2 Solution's Ad Rotation and Automated Ads

Since partnering, Meditopia has been able to scale both its creative and operational advertising with ease. The team now uses’s automated ads to instantly create ad and language variations to be leveraged across the 30 countries Meditopia has a presence in. fetches creatives from a Google Drive folder and automatically uploads them into each corresponding campaign with the right language and message. Now the creative team can produce an immense number of creatives and work closely with operations to ensure the creatives are automatically matched up with the country that they are designed for.

In addition to this, Meditopia also leverages Smartly Creative Optimization to ensure that it can reduce ad fatigue and invest more into what’s working without having to dedicate additional bandwidth or hours to the solution. In, the team set up the campaigns so that there would be at least 6 creatives active at the same time and the worst performing 3 creatives would be rotated every day to be tested against the best performers. This allows constant testing and with fresh creatives being uploaded to the campaigns with Automated Ads regularly, there are always new creatives to be tested against.

With these two new strategies in place, Meditopia has already seen some dramatic campaign results. Since creative and operations are working more efficiently together and because the team now frequently tests ad performance, it has brought conversion rates up by 36%, while decreasing the cost per subscription by 20%. Lastly, the team has enjoyed a 20% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) and is excited about planning their next campaign with



in conversion rates


in cost per subscription


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