Sonova uses automation across multiple markets decreasing costs by 30%



Sonova is an international company headquartered in Switzerland, a global leader in providing innovative hearing care solutions in more than 100 countries.

1 Problem

A team of one to scale ad campaigns and resources globally

Sonova was searching for ways it could creatively extend its reach to new prospects across Europe while also ensuring a high quality of leads would be entering the purchase funnel. For Sonova, this meant a modular approach that could easily be scaled and localized to different countries without the need to dedicate additional headcount since, at the time of this project, the team only had one member working across the paid social function.

With a desire to get a strategy stood up quickly and the struggle of having limited resources, Sonova needed to find a way to conquer the challenges of reaching new customers—while keeping costs low—and keeping quality of leads high.

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“We have reached multiple and important milestones via´s features. With Automated Ads, Segment Asset Customization, and Video Templates, we were able to build a very strong performance campaign; target users based on their location with ad hoc creatives; and create hundreds of videos in a couple of clicks. This significantly reduced implementation time, improved our conversion rates, and enabled us to test additional creative concepts in a much faster and smarter way!”

Agnese Prelli, Senior Paid Social Marketing Manager

2 Solution

Automated Ads, Segment Asset Customization, and Video templates for the win

Sonova partnered up with to help strategize and execute on its new activations. The two settled on a strategy which could allow Sonova to scale its ads cross-country, build hyper-local creatives, and automate performance optimization—all the while saving time, money, and resources. In addition to this, Sonova was finally able to shift more focus to strategy development rather than operational work.

The team used a mix of Automated Ads with Segment Asset Customization to build hyper-local relevant campaigns without sacrificing performance. Sonova’s local messaging, imagery, visuals, and data points were mapped from a spreadsheet into From there,’s creative tools were able to automatically apply the right assets to the right creatives based on the location of the viewer.

Sonova’s design team also utilized’s video templates to easily generate ad creatives which further allowed for personalization at scale and for faster creative testing and iteration. Lastly, to streamline the operational side of things, Sonova used’s Budget Pools to automatically adjust and optimize budgets across multiple campaigns based on ad performance. This ensured that the team was getting the best rates from their ad spend.


A Workflow That's Setup to Scale

Based on the results of these campaigns, the changes to strategy and the adoption of’s suite of tools proved to be successful. Sonova saw a decrease of 9% in cost per lead and a decrease of 30% in cost per scheduled appointment. More qualified leads were coming into the funnel at a better cost while the paid social team was able to prove its success to leadership. And the team is now, more than ever, set up for scaling across new regions and marketing in future campaigns.



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in Cost Per Scheduled Appointment


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