Swvl hyper-personalizes ad campaigns to increase bookings by 56% and revenue by 66%



Swvl is one of the largest mass transit platforms in the world and the biggest in the MENA region. It currently operates in 6 countries, Egypt, Kenya, Pakistan, Jordan, KSA and UAE, where users can book affordable, reliable, and convenient bus and cab rides using their app and website for inter and intra city commutes. They also have a B2B solution, Swvl Business, which provides transit and mobility solutions for businesses, schools, and universities.

1 Challenge

Swvl's digital advertising strategy for re-engaging with its users wasn't breaking through

New User Acquisition has always been an important measure of success for Swvl, which translates well to their overall company mission of connecting individuals to reliable transportation around Cairo, Alexandria, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Nairobi, Amman, and many more cities.

Up until recently, the brand’s digital creative strategy relied heavily on generic communications and campaigns that were unpersonalized, unsegmented, and could not cut through the clutter of other competitors in the market. These traditional campaigns also led to a neutral and occasionally negative brand sentiment from both potential and current customers. 

In addition to their campaigns unable to break through the clutter, Swvl had felt the new iOS14 rollouts might harm their current digital strategy even more. With third-party insights now going away, the team wanted to take a step back and reimagine how they could leverage 1st party data to drive creative personalization at scale.

It became clear, if Swvl wanted to break through the noise and derive more value from their existing user base, they would need to revamp their strategy to be more hyper-personalized while respecting the new implications brought on from iOS14.

2 Solution

A more hyper-personalized, scalable, and dynamic creative strategy backed by data & insights

With their newly realized ad strategy of hyper-personalized ads, the team partnered with Smartly.io to make implementing this as seamless as possible.

Swvl used their 1st party data, which consisted of current and inactive users, to understand what information they could leverage to engage individuals with their ad creatives. They landed on a strategy with creatives that explicitly called viewers by their first name. 

Swvl then found that there were only 120 unique names that made up 60% of their total user base. After creating their audiences in Facebook, Swvl turned to Smartly.io’s creative automation capabilities to dynamically produce creatives that matched the audiences’ names. What would have taken the team hours of manual work to create specific creative for each name, now happened automatically!

Swvl was also able to use Predictive Budget Allocation across all 100+ ad sets, maximizing their budget based on the performance of the ad set. With this budget optimization in place, the campaign was now truly automated.



more revenue


more bookings


increase in re-installs at 43% lower costs

3 Outcome

A new strategy with more bookings and more revenue 

Upon launching this new campaign strategy, Swvl was able to report an 157x increase in engagement and 28x increase in overall positive comments. This was all combined with the fact that the team saw a decrease in CPE (cost per engagement) by 86%.

Overall the campaign brought in 66% more revenue, 56% more bookings, and since some of the first-party data leveraged was from inactive users, the team saw a 60% increase in re-installs at 43% lower costs. Bottom line, this new strategy worked.

Looking forward, because this strategy took into consideration some of the upcoming changes with iOS14, Swvl is confident in its long-term success and has started to invest more into hyper personalization, making it an integral part of their digital strategy.

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Performance marketing & brand building don't always go hand in hand, but with the help of first party data, Facebook Marketing APIs, and sophisticated automation set ups built on Smartly.io, we were able to achieve this with the help of a hyper-personalized campaign that not only led to an extraordinary lift in brand love & sentiment amongst our users, but also had an exponential impact on our business metrics.

Hyper-personalization is now a cornerstone of our digital strategy, and we look forward to the immense potential & opportunities Smartly.io can unlock for us.

Mukund Kabra, Global Head of Digital and Performance Marketing at Swvl

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