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TechStyle Fashion Group is one of the fastest growing subscription-focused e-commerce companies in history. They have driven the growth of their well known fashion brands including Fabletics, JustFab and Savage X Fenty, and have built a community of more than 5 million active members.

1 Goal

How to find the optimal delivery without splitting audiences?

Techstyle’s Social Advertising team is always on the lookout to test new strategies that unlock incremental performance improvements and lower customer acquisition costs. 

Insights data showed that in select countries, Instagram outperformed other placements. However, Techstyle’s team knew that splitting activity by placement is not consistent with Facebook best practices. 

The team needed a way to utilize their internal learnings, and push more delivery to Instagram placements, without unnecessary audience and placement splits that could interfere with optimal delivery.


+11 %

Clicks to leads conversion


+45 %

Clicks to VIPs conversions

-30 %

CPA VIP conversions
2 Solution

Optimizing audiences with's Bid Multipliers 

Techstyle found success with Bid Multipliers, an advanced optimization feature available through Bid Multipliers allows performance marketers to control how much they bid for different segments of an audience, without having to create adset splits. Techstyle used Bid Multipliers to adjust the bid per Placement to make Instagram more competitive in the auction. 

The Techstyle team calculated ideal bids for each placement, then set up Bid Multipliers with the help of their Customer Success team. The team tested the impact of this feature on Fabletics’ performance activity across European markets.

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“'s Bid Multipliers feature has helped us find a winning formula to drive incremental conversions at a lowest CPA. The team has always been supportive giving the best recommendations, as if they were an extension of our own team.”

Guillem Chivite, Senior Acquisition Manager, Fabletics

3 Outcome

Reduced CPA and time savings 

The performance increase from Bid Multipliers exceeded all expectations. Using Bid Multipliers the team was able to:

  • Reduce the overall CPA significantly for acquiring leads and VIP subscribers
  • Save time by maintaining simplified campaign structures

Techstyle found Bid Multipliers an impactful feature which allowed them to unlock incremental performance without time-consuming manual optimization. Next, Techstyle will work with their team to build a testing framework that expands use of Bid Multipliers across more of their advertising activity.

Techstyle’s tips and tricks for performance marketers who are looking to test Bid Multipliers:

  1. First, align your structure campaign with Facebook best practices
  2. Analyze internal data to see which audiences or segments drive better performance
  3. Start simple - focus on test one bidding lever with Bid Multipliers at a time.

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