Uber Drives Higher Brand Lift Through an Iterative Creative Approach



Uber Technologies Inc. is a ridesharing, food delivery, and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco with operations in over 600 cities worldwide.

1 Challenge

Looking for the Best Branding Approach for Uber

Uber wanted to work with Smartly.io's Creative Services team to push their branding efforts forward with a continuous optimization strategy. The team wanted to incorporate Smartly.io's Modular Approach to their creative workflow, and test methods of optimizing creatives as the campaigns were running.

The goal was to work on a new way of approaching creative testing for branding objectives. The key metric was a brand consideration lift: could the team increase the audience's consideration to drive with Uber? Uber, together with Smartly.io's Creative Services, iterated ad creatives on-the-fly to optimize results.


By using the iterative approach and varying the ways that the core audience were reached, the final re-engagement test provided an exceptionally high recall lift against industry average.

The Instant Experience with campaign information was the winning test cell with a 5.3 pts consideration lift for potential drivers.

5.3 pts

Consideration lift for potential drivers

After a iterative approach to engage the audience

2 Solution

Tapping into Story Arcs and Ad Formats

The team designed three  test hypotheses to run throughout the brand testing time frame

  • Testing Rational and Emotional visual cues against the Original TVC
  • Testing Call-to-Action placement and presentation in the story arc
  • Testing Messenger and Instant Experience ad formats for information

Each test played a part in the iterative approach to testing and building brand consideration among the audiences.

Tests A and B provided insights about the audience and took different approaches to reaching the target audience. Finally, test C retargeted the engaged audiences from A and B with more information.

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“The Smartly.io Creative Services team was a great partner in the development of our High-Value Drivers campaign. From creative development to testing framework, they provided expert insights that helped make the campaign a success.”

Alyssa Wagner, Global Head of Paid Social, Uber

3 Learnings

In-Flight Creative Iterations Drive Brand Lift

Branding campaigns can too often end up being a single campaign push that misses out on potential to increase success. By taking an interactive approach to reach the target audience in multiple ways—with different visual cues and CTA placements—and following up with the engaged audiences, Uber and Smartly.io's Creative Services successfully increased the brand consideration among potential drivers.

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