Smartly.io’s Managed Services Team Helps Uber Eats Increase ROAS 30% by Revamping Paid Social Strategy


Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a leading food delivery service platform operating worldwide. The Uber Eats app connects users with a broad range of local restaurants, allowing users to order from the full menus of their local favorites whenever they want.

Along the way, Uber has partnered with Smartly.io across multiple business units and regions to stay on the cutting edge of Paid Social. Leveraging our self-serve product in times of lower volume and leaning into our Services team during larger campaign pushes, Smartly.io met Uber’s evolving needs, and acted as a true extension of their team.

1 Challenge

Lack of bandwidth to meet changing consumer behavior

Throughout the pandemic, Uber Eats has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people on their platform leveraging contactless delivery options. As the physically distant world starts to fade away and in-person dining begins to re-emerge, the Paid Social team at Uber Eats wanted to seize on the opportunity to connect individuals with more restaurants through a creative, effective, and localized Paid Social strategy at scale.

However, in trying to make this a reality, they faced two challenges: lack of team bandwidth for operations and for planning for test and learn initiatives. How could they effectively increase their revenue from these paid social campaigns without spreading internal resources too thin?

2 Solution

A trusted partner, a revamped strategy, and an increase in ROAS

In order for Uber Eats to execute, they collaborated with Smartly.io’s Managed Services team to deliver unparalleled performance, iterate on a custom strategy, and scale their campaign across 23 different markets.

Throughout the partnership, Uber Eats trusted the expertise of Smartly.io’s team to run robust test-and-learn strategies so they could understand what was working and what wasn’t. Prior to handing the reins to the Smartly.io team, sourcing test ideas and execution was a manual and repetitive process.

They conducted a variety of formal and directional tests to explore creative effectiveness throughout the funnel, various optimizations, and advanced features on Smartly.io. Moreover, the team redesigned and implemented a new retargeting audience strategy. Smartly.io’s iterative approach and subject-matter experts helped drive the winning secret formula to execute and ultimately deliver higher ROAS.

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Since working with Smartly.io’s Managed Services team, we’ve multiplied our internal revenue metric by three on Facebook from January and May 2021, and our Dynamic Ads setup has never been this advanced.”

Julie Florin, Director, Global Paid Social, UberEats

3 Outcome

Uber Eats increased ROAS 30% and increased Revenue 3x on Facebook over a 6 month period

Since working closely with Smartly.io’s strategic Managed Services team over this 6-month engagement, Uber Eats saw an increase of 30% in ROAS, 3x increase in revenue from Facebook, and scaled their ad spend by 80%.

Smartly.io provided Uber Eats with the strategic support they needed during a critical time, but the journey won’t stop here. With a new and robust strategy in place, Uber Eats will continue leveraging Smartly.io’s SaaS platform, like they have done previously, and continue to deliver results (and food) to thousands of global customers, until their next large launch or times where they may need a little more help.





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