Uber Freight Leverages Smartly.io’s Modular Creative to Drive Performance


Uber Freight

Uber Freight was looking to drive performance and understand what resonates with audiences through creative engagement. They used Smartly.io’s Modular Video approach to create a variety of short-form videos, which resulted in increases in CTR, decreases in CPC, and decreases in Cost per Sign Up.

1 Challenge

Looking for the Right Creative Approach

Disrupting the world of logistics, Uber Freight offers an advanced platform for both shippers and carriers. Uber Freight was looking to attract new Truck Owners, Fleets, and Shippers.

They struggled to increase brand awareness and engagement with limited creative resources; only a select number of long-form video ads.

Their internal creative team lacked the resources and bandwidth to edit existing raw footage and help was needed to create Social-first ads that would more effectively engage their audience. Additional resources were needed to help.

Manage budgets efficiently

Manage budgets efficiently

Incorporate different types of media in their ads.

Incorporate different types of media in their ads.

Run creatives experiments.

Run creatives experiments.









CPA Sign Up for Fleet


2 Solution

A Variety of Video Ads with Smartly.io’s  Modular Video Approach

Together with Smartly.io’s Creative Studio team, Uber Freight followed Smartly.io’s Modular Video Approach to produce a variety of ads that enabled them to test different combinations quickly. 

  • 1. First, Smartly.io’s Creative Studio divided the footage into two content categories: trucks and people.
  • 2. The team then broke the assets into different pieces and divided the footage into multiple shots, so that Uber Freight could combine those and build several versions of the video. 

By using Smartly.io’s Modular Approach and Video Templates tool, Uber Freight produced 25 videos with a unique, targeted intro footage and value proposition, which helped them identify the most relevant ads for each of their audiences. 

The next step was to conduct a Smartly.io Split Test. Using large audiences, Smartly.io helped Uber Freight to run A/B split tests that helped them divide the audience into separate segments. Each group was exposed to only one ad. Based on the results, the team was able to show that audiences responded to different creatives. 

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“Smartly.io’s creative automation and modular testing solutions enabled Uber Freight to seamlessly build personalized videos at scale, saving significant amounts of time and driving efficiencies on down-funnel business metrics.

Tom Burke, Head of Demand Generation, Uber Freight

3 Outcome

A New Performance-Driving Creative Direction

Before partnering up with Smartly.io’s Creative Studio, Uber Freight used to limit their creatives to static images and 3m branding video content.

Together, they ran a video test that proved the value of driving engagement using a variety of creatives. They created more than 25 different ads and after using Smartly.io’s Split Test, they selected six of them to go live.

Results showed a dramatic difference between the best and worst-performing video template in each audience. Together, the teams learned that testing a variety of videos per audience is necessary as you cannot predict how audiences will respond. 

Testing with the Modular Video Approach helped Uber Freight to decide the creative direction for their future video productions as they learned what resonated best with their audiences. 

Creative-level Calculations
  • Owner Operator: -53% CPA Sign Ups
  • Fleet Manager: -36% CPA Sign Ups
  • Shipper: -25% CPA Sign Ups

4 Examples

Mobile Ad Variations

  • Ad 1
  • Ad 2

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