Under Armour Leverages Cross-Border Catalog to Streamline Ads Buying Across Markets


Under Armour

Under Armour revolutionized the sportswear industry with the introduction of its moisture-wicking synthetic fabric in 1996 and has expanded to manufacturing footwear, sports and casual apparel. A global brand, its European headquarters are based in Amsterdam. 

Tasked with managing 13 different markets, Under Armour EMEA partnered with to streamline its ads buying to make its marketing spend more effective.

1 Goal

Consolidate Multiple Market Campaign Structure To Drive Efficiencies While Maintaining Brand Identity 

Like many multinational brands, Under Armour faces the challenge of reaching local audiences in the right language and with the right offers.  Under Armour EMEA’s main goal was to consolidate their marketing campaign structure to save time and effort in managing 13 different European markets. 

At the same time, the team wanted to improve performance and campaign efficiency by letting the delivery algorithm decide the budget allocation for the regions that drive the best results. Finally, the team wanted their creative across markets to be on-brand highlighting the catalogue product imagery using a design that would allow them to run across all placements.

2 Solution

Streamline Campaign Creation with Cross-Border Catalogue

In partnering with, Under Armour sought to streamline their Dynamic Product Ads campaigns and simplify their feed set-up. With the help of and Facebook, Under Armour was able to merge their multiple country and language catalogues into a single cross-border catalogue. This was a significant improvement given that initially the team had to deal with managing and keeping track of 13 different catalogues and 13 campaigns, one for each catalogue, and in multiple languages. With this solution the team is now able to run all of their markets from just one catalogue and one campaign, whilst at the same time showcasing relevant products with localized information (price, currency, etc.) to their potential customers. 

The Cross-Border Catalogue solution has also greatly decreased the time the paid social team now spends in managing and re-allocating budgets between the different markets. Furthermore, they were also able to improve campaign efficiency as the algorithm automatically invested more in regions that performed better than anticipated.

3 Outcome

Increased Performance and Return on Investment With On-Brand Ads

With simplification, better efficiencies in place and hours saved on manual work, the team had more time on their hands to prioritize creative and make their ads stand out in the auction. They used’s Image Templates, which allowed them to showcase thousands of catalogue products in a great minimalist design tailored to their brand and run on all placements. Testing different creative concepts, the team now knows what works best for the brand and is able to use a proven layout in their most important moments of the year. Additionally, the improved campaign set up drove increased performance and doubled their return on investment.

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