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ABOUT Urban Sports Club

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Urban Sports Club is Europe’s largest and most diverse sports provider. With over 10,000 partner venues and more than 50 types of sports across Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, and Belgium, their mission is to help people lead a more healthy and active lifestyle.

1. Challenge

Launching creative campaigns efficiently

Urban Sports Club had an overwhelming number of campaigns and ads to create across its three main markets, Netherlands (as OneFit), Germany, and France. With the desire to incorporate image and video ads into its strategy and an increasing time investment to create hundreds of variations, Urban Sports Club looked to understand how it could decrease costs, without decreasing creative quality.

However, this proved to be difficult, as the team needed creative variations across different ad formats (carousel, story, and feed-based ads), different languages, and different imagery. With this in mind, Urban Sports Club began its search for an ad partner that could help streamline the creative production and decrease costs.

"Smartly.io's Automated Ads solutions enabled us to optimize creatives at scale, resulting in an increase in our user acquisition campaigns. Video templates allowed us to create a large variety of localized ads to promote our top venues. We were able to decrease content production costs and save time in campaign creation. Thanks to the Smartly.io team for their support and tailoring this feature on Urban Sports Club needs."

Silvia Bertoletti & Rhianna Goacher

2. Solution

Smartly.io’s creative personalization through automated workflow and ads

After partnering with Smartly.io, Urban Sports Club has incorporated feed-based campaign creation through Automated Ads technology. The team is able to plug in a holistic spreadsheet to Smartly.io, which can then automatically update ads based on their required criteria, this included sports venues, languages, imagery, and more which has helped lead to the creation of 734 variations within minutes.

Due to the level of streamlining and creative personalization, this has allowed the team at Urban Sports Club to now save up to 57 hours per month, and helped decrease its Cost Per Acquisition by 52%. With the success of this campaign, Urban Sports Club has now been able to focus their attention on devising strategic plans for expansion to other platforms as well as creating use cases to benefit from Smartly.io's other optimization features, such as Ad Rotation and Predictive Budget Allocation.

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