Wolt Scales to 100+ Cities with Data-Driven Automation and Optimization



Wolt is a leading global food delivery platform, partnering with more than 36,000 restaurant and retail partners to allow users to pick up food or have it delivered directly to their door. Founded in Helsinki in 2015, Wolt now operates in 23 countries and more than 150 cities, including Denmark, Norway, and Hungary, and most recently Japan and Germany.

1 Challenge

Reaching Customers with Targeted Ads in Various Locations

Joining the complex and competitive food delivery industry, Wolt adopted a hyper-local approach to social advertising to reach potential customers in smaller regions and stand out from other players in the category. However, with a small team relative to their market size, efficiently executing targeted campaigns in these smaller regions would have taken hours of manual work across creative and campaign setup without the help of automation. 

To confidently automate campaign creation and optimization, Wolt not only needed the right automation partner, but they also needed the right attribution partner, as accurate attribution data is critical to measuring Wolt's social advertising performance. Leveraging an attribution partner has become even more critical given the recent iOS 14 attribution tracking changes.

2 Solution

Scaling to New Markets with Automation and Optimization

Together with Smartly.io, Wolt has now fully automated ad creation and targeting for their hyper-localized campaigns. Connecting their feed with Smartly.io's Image Templates, Wolt's creative team saves hours of manual work when creating personalized ads for each market, which include localized restaurants, offers, and messaging, at scale. Leveraging their feed within Smartly.io also allowed Wolt to automate the creation and management of ad sets within their campaigns — all of which update in real-time with the feed. 

The Wolt team has also integrated AppsFlyer, their mobile attribution partner, with Smartly.io to automate campaign optimization and save time managing social advertising campaigns. Now Wolt can optimize against their AppsFlyer data and configure events in Smarty.io to automatically trigger campaign changes. For example, if a campaign's performance in a city dips below a certain threshold, the creative for that campaign instantly changes. Additionally, if the Cost Per First Time User is below target for a specific campaign, Smartly.io automatically scales Wolt's budget to drive more conversions at a lower cost.



Cities: Wolt scaled to 100+ cities using Smartly.io’s automation tools



hours of work saved per week


single source-of-truth for data attribution and campaign performance
3 Outcome

Uniting Campaign Creation and Data to Save Time and Drive Growth

Integrating AppsFlyer's attribution and performance insights with Smartly.io's automation and optimization tools has helped Wolt drive new users and scale business to their partners while saving hours of manual work.

Surfacing AppsFlyer data within Smartly.io provides Wolt with a single source-of-truth to create, launch, and measure their paid social campaigns. Within Smartly.io's campaign reporting view, team members across digital marketing and creative can "slice and dice" the data in a meaningful way to close the feedback loop and optimize live campaigns and strategies for future activations.

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“Smartly.io is the partner for many food delivery services - they understand our business and as it’s built for hyper-local targeting, they have the tools that we need. Smartly.io has  helped us scale campaigns in over 100 cities and it’s been great working with everyone at Smartly.io and AppsFlyer. We know we have the right support from the right people.”

Anh Nguyen, VP of Performance Marketing Wolt

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