Vuclip Runs Paid Social with a Lean and Automated Team

Vuclip is a mobile video on demand service for emerging markets with more than 7 million subscribers per quarter in countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand,Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

1 Challenge

Looking for the Right Partner

Vuclip wanted to bring all paid social marketing management in-house with only a few key employees for coordinating the campaigns and overall performance. To do this they had to find a Facebook Marketing Partner which would help them with automation and optimization.

2 Solution

Multiple Solutions for Maximum Results

Vuclip used several solutions that helped them to save time.

  1. Custom Metrics

    Custom metrics allowed Vuclip to optimize accounts which are not in the same currency. The hassle of having to convert INR to USD on a daily basis was solved with custom metrics. Using custom metrics, the team was able to see spends and key metrics (like CPI) in USD in’s tool, even though the Ad Account currency was INR. It was so quick and easy to be on track with the metrics in this way.

  2. Naming Convention

    Vuclip was impressed with’s naming conventions. The team regularly created multiple campaigns, ad sets and ads, so automating the naming conventions was crucial. This solution helped the Vuclip team to efficiently create campaigns, develop a better structure and ensure that backend data was matched correctly.

  3. Predictive Budget Allocation

    Vuclip changed their daily budgets on the campaigns level more than once a day. Seeing a clear % split between the campaigns or ad sets was very handy - even when the budget was increased/decreased, the split would remain the same to ensure the best possible delivery.
3 Results

Automated Efficiency

Vuclip’s team was able to manage their campaigns across different markets with only a few people. Through automation, they had more time for the strategic work involved in scaling their advertising spend.

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