Home24 Gets Cozy with a Smarter Retargeting Solution

Home24 is Europe’s largest online destination for home furniture and décor, with a presence in eight countries across Europe and Latin America.

1 Challenge

The Goal: Next-Level Retargeting

Home24 had been achieving good retargeting results through real-time bidding retargeting, but wanted to significantly increase its reach and revenue by using advanced dynamic product ad features.

2 Solution

Feed-Based Ads with Smartly.io's Image Templates

Home24 worked with Smartly.io to put its new strategy into action. Combining Dynamic Product Ads with Dynamic Image Templates allowed the retailer to act quickly and flexibly. The ads automatically pulled pricing and discount information from Home24’s product feed, seamlessly matching it with images from Smartly.io’s Dynamic Image Templates editor.

Bulk image editing with Smartly.io’s editor is simple and efficient. Tens of thousands of Home24’s product images can be processed within hours and sent directly to Facebook, all automatically aligned with the company’s corporate identity, including color palette and typefaces.

3 Results

Rapidly Rising Revenue Comes Home

With support from Smartly.io, Home24 built a new retargeting strategy that quickly outperformed its previous campaigns, proving that dynamic product ads were a smart choice.

The ongoing campaign, launched in October 2015, has delivered:

  • 2.7X higher revenue versus real-time bidding retargeting
  • 22% higher return on ad spend versus real-time bidding retargeting

"By combining the advanced targeting options of dynamic product ads with the creative possibilities that the Smartly.io dynamic image temple editor offers, we were able to outperform real-time bidding retargeting very quickly—in numbers, design and overall operative flexibility."

- Daniel Finaske, Facebook Ads Manager, Home24


Increase in Revenue


Higher ROAS

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