Artiks Scales Spend, Creative, ROI with Automated Video

Artiks ( is an e-commerce brand that sells wall art online.

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Scaling Video Ads

Artiks needed a solution to create more relevant creative and a cost-efficient way of producing video ads to prospect new customers. They had previously been running campaigns with static ads that had not resulted in optimal ROI and consequently, they weren't able to scale spend while driving sales.

Bluebird Media partnered with to both automate campaign creation for hundreds of geo-located and highly personalized ads.

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Automated Ads Combined with Video Templates

Bluebird Media used Automated Ads campaigns that allow for feed-based targeting. In this case, it meant combining geo-locations with best-selling products.

They used Video Templates to automatically generate highly relevant ads for the chosen markets. Additionally, they used's Predictive Budget Allocation and Budget Scaling to automatically optimize budget and performance to scale campaigns whilst maintaining a positive and increased ROI.

Lastly, they were able to quickly create and optimize creative formats to maximize real estate on Instagram Stories, Instagram News Feed, and Facebook News Feed.


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3 Results

4X Revenue at a Lower Cost

The results surprised both Bluebird Media and Artiks, opening up more budget for the campaign whilst maintaining an increased revenue figure at a lower cost per sale. Bluebird was also able to cut the time spent on manual optimization tasks by 50%, allowing them to focus on more strategic improvements.

Before, our social activities were extremely time-consuming and acceptable, consistent ROI was difficult to maintain. We're now seeing tremendous growth from our social channels.

-Henry Mäkelä, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, Artiks Design


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