Barkbox Increases Paid Social Roi with Automation

Barkbox automates their paid social to drive cost-per-acquisition down while scaling their Facebook efforts.

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Saving Time and Resources: Automating Ad Buying

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers all-natural treats and clever toys for dogs. BarkBox was looking for a solution that would help them decrease their CPA (cost per new BarkBox subscription) and drive more sales without increasing the workload.

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Using Customized Optimization Triggers’s algorithms were put to work to decide how BarkBox's budgets were spent. They tweaked campaigns in real-time based on rules defined by BarkBox. These triggers were fully customized to fit the unique needs of a subscription brand, for example:

- If CPA is better than your target, scale up the advertising budget
- If the bid is limiting delivery while CPA is better than your target, increase bid
- If ad performance is sub-par, use stop-loss rules to pause the ad

"Smartly triggers have allowed us to save time while achieving diligent, customized optimization 24/7.”

- Rob Schutz, Head of Growth, BarkBox


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Better ROAS with

Once these rules and campaigns were up and running, Barkbox cut their Cost-per-Acquisition by -26%


Lower Cost-per-Acquisition

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