BEAT Drives Home First Time Users with Playable Ads

Playable ads, Pivot Tables and budget optimizations from’s Creative Studio helped BEAT increase awareness and first time users in existing LATAM markets.

1 Challenge

Building Momentum in Existing Markets 

With a growing dominance in several Central and South American regions, Beat, one of the leading ride-hailing services, wanted to ensure that existing markets continued to grow as the company expanded. Beat’s current creative marketing mix was not reaching the company goal for first time user conversions: 12 percent growth of “First Ride” within six months of launch.

As a result, the Beat Digital Media Team sought to use targeted and interactive social ads to increase the “First Ride” conversion rates in mature LATAM markets, and increase both overall awareness and mobile app downloads. The ultimate goal, of course, being to improve market share against competitors in those areas.

2 Solution

A Three-Tiered Approach to Successful Playable Ads

In order to make an impact on conversion rates, the Beat Digital Media Team needed to create ads that would stand out in these oversaturated LATAM markets. To do so, Beat and’s Managed Service and Creative Studio teams used three distinct components:

  • Playable ads: The interactive ads offered dynamic content that targeted first-time users. These tailored animations could be adapted to reflect the seasons, special events and more.
  • Budget Pool: Allocating resources towards the final optimization goals - “First Ride” conversions, awareness and mobile app downloads - helped Beat remain focused in its execution.
  • Pivot Tables: In one view, Beat could see, analyze, and manage all its campaigns across accounts, fully understanding the impact of its Playable Ads. 




3 Results

Playable Ads Cut Through the Social Ad Noise

In collaboration with’s Managed Service and Creative Studio teams, Beat was able to launch the company’s first Playable Ads in several regions of LATAM, which increased click through rate (CTR) by 35 percent. This approach also increased “First Ride” conversions by 40 percent, when compared to other feed formats that deployed the same marketing tactic (i.e. 50 percent off discount on first ride).

Additionally, mobile app downloads increased by 25 percent, once again when compared to other feed creatives that had the same marketing concept. As a result, Beat was able to meet company growth numbers and build on its success in mature markets. 

At Beat, we breathe growth and innovation towards our new and existing markets. With the support of’s Creative Studio we were able to boost our acquisition goals introducing a more exciting experience to our customers and converting them to the best ride-hailing solution on the market."

- Dave Sousa, Content Coordinator, BEAT


First Ride Conversions


Mobile App Downloads

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