Musement Boosts App Downloads with Smart Optimization

Musement is an online platform for activities, tours, museums, shows and art events.

1 Challenge

Aiming to Increase Downloads - Efficiently

Musement’s number one objective was to significantly increase their mobile app downloads in order to introduce the new Musement app whilst maintaining the CPI (cost per mobile app install) under a specific target value.

2 Solution

Smart Automation and Optimization

Musement optimized their campaigns by rotating their ad creatives automatically based on performance to keep them fresh. In addition, they used Predictive Budget Allocation to automatically find the optimal budget distribution that maximizes their campaign performance. Lastly, they used new Campaign Conversion Lookalikes that are based on the campaigns’ conversion data.

3 Results

Efficient Scaling

By leveraging’s optimization solutions, Musement was able to significantly scale its marketing activities and acquire new customers while reducing their CPI.

  • -50% CPI overtime using’s optimization features compared with other channels
  • +52% Conversion Rate of customer quality compared to other channels
  • 8x increase in app downloads

“By creating Facebook campaigns through the use of's technology we've been able to achieve our CPI target value and increase the overall performance of our App Install strategy. It's also fair to say that the quality of the audience reached on Facebook is far higher when compared to other channel audiences.”

- Fabio Zecchini, Co-Founder, Musement


Increase in App Downloads


Conversion Rate



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