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BrandBastion offers a suite of products to protect brands and drive improved performance on social media – now offers a BrandBastion integration on the platform.

1 Challenge

User sentiment is a strong health signal when the main objective is to be impactful and to drive long-term positive, attitudinal change. How to measure sentiment and use the data to strategize and optimize paid social campaigns? 

2 Solution

Together with BrandBastion, developed a new service, giving brands access to real-time user sentiment data on their ads.  Using the platform, advertisers can build fully customizable optimization strategies that automatically increase the budget when the sentiment score is high. These optimization strategies also take into account the level of post engagement to ensure that the budget remained the same if there was too little data available. In practice, this means that the platform automatically keeps promoting the post as long as the sentiment data was above the threshold set by the brand.


3 Results

One of's travel advertisers used the integration to automate and optimize the performance of their upper funnel campaigns. Here's how:


Tracking the sentiment level of each content piece in real time to allocate more budget to posts that were resonating well.  The automated optimization, built by, makes budget changes based on the sentiment score of a post, which can range from -100 to +100.

The automated trigger function automatically adds 10% more budget every third day, as long as the sentiment score is above a threshold (usually based on historical averages) set by the brand.

Customized strategies based on any relevant data point. All of the conditions and actions in the optimization strategy, like sentiment threshold and change frequency, are completely customizable on the platform. 

Paused ads with a negative sentiment. This functionality pauses any negatively perceived posts automatically. 

Automated reporting. Triggers send out automated alerts if the sentiment score drops significantly. Advertisers are able to view sentiment and campaign performance side-by-side.

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