Casumo Cut Their Production Costs by 50% while Scaling Video Production

Casumo, a leading online casino, wanted to leverage branded video ads to acquire more users. Together with, they created customized, on-brand video ads for several games in multiple markets and languages. They increased their reach with a lower cost-per-acquisition, all while cutting video production costs by half.

1 Challenge

Scaling Video Ads for New Markets in Different Languages

Casumo’s challenge was to scale video production for different games in three markets. They needed content that was not only great for performance ads but also able to communicate the company’s brand and values. Casumo also needed to automate as much as possible to scale performance and operations in many countries.

2 Solution

Scaling Video Production with's Video Templates

Casumo scaled their video production with’s bespoke tool Video Templates. Before using, Casumo spent around 30-35K euros in video production per campaign. By automating their production, they produced six campaigns, each with 700 customized, on-brand videos - for a fraction of the cost.’s Automated Ads helped Casumo with easy campaign production and management.  The Ad Rotation tool  automatically pushed the best performing ads and paused the ones that weren’t performing well.

Casumo also used’s Predictive Budget Allocation to distribute the budget throughout the campaigns automatically. As the tool assigned resources to the most successful ads, they improved performance significantly.

HubSpot Video


HubSpot Video


3 Results

35K Euros Saved in Video Production per Campaign 

Casumo created 4200 unique ads. They saved 30-35K Euros in video production per campaign by having an in-house team create videos with's Videos Templates tool as opposed to outsourcing the production.  

"We started using the Automated Ads campaign as a test. But, after the great results achieved, we decided to scale it and use it across our whole customer journey funnel.

- Marco Cometti, Social Media Strategist at Casumo







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