DailyObjects.com Hits the Mark with Retargeting

DailyObjects.com is India's largest seller of smartphone cases, with over 7000 unique, exclusively licensed artworks from around the globe.

1 Challenge

Scaling Up Remarketing Campaigns for ROI and App Installs

DailyObjects.com wanted to find new ways to retarget and convert its pool of website visitors. Using a two-pronged approach on both Facebook and Instagram Stories, DailyObjects.com aimed to improve ROI and increase app installs. 

2 Solution

Dynamic Product Ads With Smart Automation

DailyObjects.com collaborated with Smartly.io to launch a retargeting campaign using dynamic product ads.

The campaign allowed customized, dynamic ads using Smartly.io's Image Templates. Product images from DailyObject.com's catalog were inserted into the ads, based on the product that a user had previously viewed on the website. These images featured a variety of products, including phone covers, card wallets, notebooks and pouches.

Smartly.io’s automation features helped to optimize the budget of the dynamic product ads for app installs, offering the company an efficient way to control the spend and cost of the campaign. And because the ads were customized to every individual user, they were more relevant and engaging. For example, users with products in their cart were shown ‘buy now’ messages in the product ads, helping reduce cart abandonment.


3 Results

The Right Product to the Right People

The four-month retargeting campaign for DailyObjects.com had a remarkable effect: 

- 3X the ROI from Facebook campaigns
- 21% increase in transactions through retargeting
- 21% increase in clicks through retargeting
- 134% increase in app installs


“ Smartly.io’s automation platform helped us increase our ROI, CTR, and conversions. At the same time, it helped us reduce the time spent on managing campaigns by 40%.”

Shahnawaz Mansoori, Marketing Strategy Manager, DailyObjects.com


ROI from Facebook campaigns


increase in transactions


increase in clicks

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