Dolap Decreases User Acquisition Costs with’s Playable Ads

Dolap, Turkey’s leading second hand fashion marketplace, wanted to acquire sellers and drive new product submissions. They used’s Playable Ads and saw a 67% decrease in new product submission costs. Dolap is one of the first non-gaming businesses that has used the Playable Ad format.

1 Challenge

Engaging Potential Users with the App

Dolap wanted to engage potential users with the e-commerce app and drive new user acquisition with aggressive cost targets. They needed to:

  1. Find an innovative way to engage people with the app

  2. Encourage people to sell their used clothes on the app

Since Dolap’s business model is novel on the Turkish market, it has always been crucial for them to tell their story while acquiring new users with aggressive targets.

2 Solution

Interactive Playable Ads 

Dolap used’s Playable Ads in the most innovative way to increase user interaction. They created an ad that calculated how much users could potentially earn by selling their clothes on Dolap.

  1. Firstly, users chose what they wanted to sell: shoes, bags, sweaters or pants.

  2. Second, they chose the number of items they wanted to sell.

  3. Lastly, the Playable Ad calculated how much they could earn.

The ad’s personalized results allowed users to understand the benefits of the app. The interactive ad format and high user engagement increased brand communication and conversion rate. The conversion rate from impression to product submission was 135% higher compared to video app install ads. Therefore, users who engaged with the ad are more likely to take actions in the app after installing it, resulting in a cheaper CPA.



3 Results

67% Lower Cost per New Product Submission

With the Playable Ads, Dolap saw a drastic increase in User Engagement and a 67% decrease in Cost-Per-New-Product-Submission.

“ has always been the key partner of our aggressive business growth. They understand our needs and are proactive and creative. They also have the ability to combine their fast moving technology with our business goals. Using the Playable Ad format effectively had been on our to-do list for a while since Facebook is the essential acquisition channel for Dolap and Playable format is an advanced way to acquire high value users. With, we made it possible, while reaching our targets.”

Beyza Aydemir, Performance Marketing Lead, Dolap


Lower Cost per New Product Submission


Increase in CTR

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