eBoost Consulting - Streamlining Workflows for Improved Campaign Performance

eBoost Consulting is a full service digital marketing firm established in 2005 in San Diego, CA. They build, optimize and manage highly successful online advertising campaigns.

1 Challenge

Drive Profitability and Grow Their Agency

eBoost’s two primary motivations were to achieve the best results for its clients and to do it profitably so that they could grow their agency. Most of their client base typically had very few ad sets and very few ad variations per ad set, and eBoost were a bit proponent of using software to help manage their client's Facebook campaigns for several years. They had tried six different ads management platforms in a quest to find the perfect tool.

2 Solution

Streamlined Workflow with Complex Campaigns in Fewer Steps

eBoost approached Smartly.io and started using the platform to elevate and improve the quality of their campaigns. Using the platform helped decrease the time taken to set up new campaigns by streamlining the workflow, and in far fewer steps than on Facebook Ads Manager. It also improved the performance of their campaigns by automating much of the day-to-day optimization tasks like budget changes, bid updates, and ad rotation.

“Smartly.io has the most sophisticated capabilities of any tool out there, allowing us to accomplish more for our clients while still being very user friendly, making day-to-day campaign management more efficient, effective and enjoyable.”
- Chris Root, President, eBoost Consulting.
3 Results

Campaign Success Stories

An ecommerce client: With a $5000 monthly spend, were able to generate over 2,000% ROAS continuously through Dynamic Ads on Smartly.io. The Dynamic Image Template feature for automating ad creation helped eBoost test multiple formats to find the highest converting creatives.

A B2B lead generation client: Scaled smoothly from $2000/mth to $50,000/mth over the course of a few months. Their Cost-Per-Lead stayed steady thanks to Smartly.io’s Predictive Budget Allocation feature that ensured spend was always allocated to the best performing audiences. eBoost was able to quickly analyze results and create new ad sets to increase the total audience size across the campaigns.

A local business: This retailer ran hyper-localized ads across its 30 franchise locations in Southern California. They set up a location feed with custom images and used Smartly.io’s Automated Ads functionality to create relevant ads for customers near each location. This improved CTRs and increased in-store visits.

A small ecommerce client: Previously hadn't garnered positive ROI from Facebook Ads, but with Smartly.io’s Creative Rotation functionality, were able to test hundreds of creatives to find the ones that drove revenue. The campaigns hit over 500% ROAS in the first month and have started scaling up ad spend since.

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