Gall & Gall Automates Creative Workflows and Maximizes Efficiency

Gall & Gall, the leading liquor store in The Netherlands, actively sells their assortment through offline retail channels as well as online. Partnering with Newcraft, Gall & Gall was able to drastically increase efficiency in the creative workflow and planning new campaigns while minimizing manual operational tasks using state-of-art, relevant collection ads.

1 Challenge

How to increase social performance with creative personalization?

Gall & Gall promotes their liquor offers on a bi-weekly basis. The creatives are obtained from printed leaflets and then adapted and distributed across channels, including social ads.

While they were already creating a good mix of video and static ads, creating more relevant ads, especially for short promotions, was a significant bottleneck because the task was very time consuming. 

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2 Solution

Increased Efficiency with Automated Ads and Creative Templates 

With Automated Ads,’s industry-leading ad personalization engine, and Creative Templates, Gall & Gall decreased the creative workload significantly. This ensured they were able to create personalized ads with a scalable workflow.

To find out what type of personalization resonated most with the online audience, Gall & Gall decided to promote products that were different to those in print leaflets. The hypothesis was that the shoppers reading print leaflets and making purchases in local stores were not the people shopping online. The hypothesis was tested in two separate tests.

Test 1: Whisky

Whisky products were split into three price categories. People shopping in retail stores typically bought whiskeys in a different price category than the social audience. This indicated that tailor made ads specifically for the social audience could be the recipe for success for Gall & Gall.

Test 2: Wine

A second test was then conducted in the wine category. Since there are so many different types of wines it’s very hard to pinpoint what people like. For this test, a retargeting campaign was set up that showed bottles which were based on the wine people had viewed, enhanced with creative templates. This was compared with another ad that only showed the last seen wine bottle without a creative template.

In the final test, another retargeting campaign was set up that showed bottles of wine people had viewed as well as similar wines. This was A/B tested with another ad that only showed the last seen wine bottle and other random wine bottles within the catalog. 


3 Results

Increased conversion rates and better ROAS

The results were phenomenal: click through rates improved by 56% while return on investment almost doubled. The test also showed that using ad templates that clearly features pricing, themes and recommendations attracted shoppers that had a much higher purchase intent. 

“At Gall we want to help our customers to find the perfect bottle for every moment or occasion. Therefore we want our ads to be relevant for each individual. With we were able to make this happen in an efficient way, with a minimum amount of resources.“

- Jan Willem den Dunnen, Digital Marketeer, Gall & Gall







Time saved in campaign workflow

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