Carat and MIX – Geotargeted Ads Made Easy

MIX is a chain of snack kiosks, with 150 locations around Norway

1 Challenge

Improving Relevance

Conventional targeting alternatives on Facebook provided MIX with a way to target interesting consumer profiles. However, for the ads to be able to drive traffic to the kiosks they needed to be targeted to people who could actually get to the kiosks. MIX was also hoping to make the ads more relevant with weather-related customization. 

2 Solution

Automating the Impossible

Carat, MIX's marketing partner, wanted to build MIX a campaign where traffic was driven through targeting people based on their proximity to a kiosk and with creative tailored to the local weather.

However, there as there was over 150 kiosks at different locations with varying weather forecasts for each, manually maintaining the campaigns would be virtually impossible.

Using’s Automated Ads and dynamic targeting, Carat automated the entire targeting and ad selection process. From a spreadsheet-feed with kiosk locations and weather information, weather-specific ads were selected to geo-target people near the kiosks. The ads were automatically updated every three hours based on the weather situation, and each ad provided customized information about the nearest kiosk. The solution resulted in automated, hyper localized, and weather-customized ads across the MIX kiosk network in Norway.

3 Results

Geotargeting for Success

In just over a month, MIX automatically created 10,262 individual, geo-targeted ad sets. The hyper local and relevant ads made it easier to connect with an audience.

"Automated Ads with address targeting and integrated weather data have allowed us to create geotargeted and customized ads to 150 shops across Norway in no time. The results of the campaign have so far been very successful with very good support from"

- Trine Humlen, Social Media Manager, Carat

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