GoTo Sees 66% Spike in ROAS with Creative Testing

GoTo is one of the leading online shopping marketplaces in Pakistan. They sell an assortment of electronics, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands.

1 Situation

How to Identify High-Performing Creative Elements?

Creative is a crucial element in driving performance in a continuous and sustainable manner – the question on GoTo’s mind was: how to find the best performing creative variation that brings incremental results? With’s comprehensive testing suite and hands-on guidance, GoTo was able to set up an A/B test in the form of an ad study that would run different variations of a Carousel ad to determine the winning formula.

2 Solution

Running A/B Testing with Automation

GoTo was looking to run an ad study with Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences campaigns which allow advertisers to reach people who've expressed interest in their products (or products similar to theirs), even if they haven't visited the website or app yet.

GoTo’s strategy was to compare ads where the discounted price was mentioned with ads where it was left out. Given that they had hundreds of thousands of products in their catalog, producing the ads manually would have been impossible. With’s Image Templates, they were able to templatize the variations and then generate the iterations at scale.

Over a 7-days campaign, GoTo showed the Carousel ad with the discounted price to 50% of their prospecting audience and the Carousel ad without the discounted price to the other, non-overlapping half.’s robust testing and creative automation solution combined with hands-on guidance have been transformative to our customer journey. We’re driving higher engagement and revenue sustainably.

- Sayem Mustafa, Head of Digital, GoTo


Higher CTR


Higher ROAS

3 Results

Drastic Increase in ROAS

The ad study revealed a significant difference in incremental performance when the ads included a dynamic Image Template that highlighted the discounted price.

Based on the ad study results, GoTo was able to re-align their creative strategy and was able to plan creative tests to be run in the future.

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