Heep Partners, Together with Smartly.io to Automate Content for A Growing Apparel Start-Up

A Swedish outdoor apparel start-up asked Heep Agency to help them grow the company’s global customer acquisition on Facebook. Heep turned to Smartly.io to refine, automate, and scale the start-up’s global marketing programs on social, without scaling the amount of time or manpower required.

1 Challenge

Scaling Quality Content Internationally

With impressive growth numbers in recent years, this thriving start-up had high ambitions of global expansion. However, with a relatively small team, the company did not have the manpower to continue scaling at the pace required. In order to meet their global goals, Heep knew it would need to leverage automation to increase the output of customized ads. 

While running its initial content inventory audit, Heep discovered an impressive amount of pre-existing and high-quality content ranging from inspiring videos of celebrity adventurers wearing their products, to high-end product images. But the established content process was inefficient, and much of the content was never utilized in advertisements. The content that was used was not connected with sequences, which would impair the team’s efforts to automate.

2 Solution

Curating Content and Automating Ads

The first step was to organize the pre-existing visual content. To do so, Heep developed an iterative content creation and refinement process where existing content was refined into new, innovative formats that accounted for multiple languages. With an efficient and scalable content process in place, Heep started implementing technology and data to do what couldn’t be done before: distribute the brand on a global scale without equally scaling budget and time. 

Up to this point, the company had used the traditional business manager ad tools on Facebook. Being one of the top partners of Smartly.io, however, Heep had early access to progressive functionality which made the new processes actionable. 

With the help of Smartly.io’s array of solutions, including Dynamic Ads and Automated Ads, Heep used its efficient content process to create scalable templates for Facebook. This allowed the team to populate ads with dynamic and data-driven content on an ongoing basis. Heep was also able to showcase currency in specific countries, tailor products and content based on gender, and add special pricing for select segments.

3 Results

Automation Fuels Efficiency and Drives Global Success

By combining Heep’s content refinement process and Smartly.io’s automation solutions, the marketing team was able to scale customized Facebook ads internationally. This ultimately led to an 18% increase in revenue, a 20% increase in ROAS, and saved 30 hours of time per week.

“Smartly.io has been a trusted partner for many years and their diverse set of capabilities allow us to provide clients with the most advanced and efficient advertising experience available.” - Björn Wahlman



Increase in Revenue


increase in ROAS


Hours Saved Per Week

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